Pixel Ad Manager for WordPress (Advertising)

Pixel Ad Manager will turbo charge the revenue your site generates by allowing you to sell Advertising space directly on your website on autopilot using PayPal.

Sell Advertising Space Yourself

With seamless PayPal integration, easy set-up and a dedicated knowledge base, Pixel Ad Manager makes it easy to cut out the middle man and sell advertising space on your website on auto pilot.

Easy to Access Advert, Ad-slot and Ordering Form Stats

We created a dedicated statistics pages so you can see up to date performance information on the fly. To top it off, each advert, order and ad-slot has it own dedicated statistics as well.

PayPal Integrated

Accepting payments is easy with seamless PayPal integration with order status and refunds all from your WordPress dashboard.

Image, Adsense and Script Advert Types

With 3 different advertising types, you can maximise you profits in various ways

Responsive Ready

Dedicated responsive sizing support to each ad slot

Manually Approve & Disapprove Adverts

Manually Approve or Disapprove adverts on a per ad-slot basis.

Create Place holder Adverts

Maximize revenue by showing place holder adverts until you make a sale.

Full-control, In your hands

We didn’t make any assumptions about what you might want to do with your site, we left full-control in your hands while providing a good set of defaults and options.

Sell by CPD, CPM and CPC

Buyers can choose to pay by the day, pay per thousand views or per click, leaving them to decide the best advertising strategy.

I8ln Support

Translate the plugin with ease with full I8ln support. We have even translated the plugin into French and German as standard.

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Pixel Amazon ToolKit – Insert Amazon Products from WordPress (Advertising)

Pixel Amazon ToolKit is the only plugin you need to make money from your WordPress posts, pages and post types quickly and automatically using Amazon’s Product API.

Pixel Amazon ToolKit also makes your life easier by giving you the option to insert links, images, call to actions, reviews, similar products and even create reusable product templates, which you can even choose to automatically insert into any page, post or custom post type if your choosing.

Pixel Amazon ToolKit

Pixel Amazon ToolKit Key Features

  • Monetise your posts with Amazon Affiliate Links
  • Search Amazon Products Directly From WordPress and insert into any page, post or custom post type.
  • Create and insert links, images, call to actions, reviews and even display similar items
  • Automatically cloak URLs to avoid SEO penalties
  • Automatically localise links to the visitors country making you more money and capturing potentially lost sales
  • Automatic Amazon Product Popovers (can disable in settings)
  • Create reusable templates which can be used anywhere on your website
  • Automatically insert templates at the top or bottom of any page, post or custom post type
  • Show templates in the WordPress Sidebar

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Pixel Knowledge Base (WordPress)

Pixel Knowledge Base allows you to create a simple, no-fuss knowledge base that reduces your inbound customer contacts instantly.

Restrict Knowledge Base Categories Based on User Roles

Are you running a membership service and only want to show certain knowledge base categories to certain users? easy!

With a few clicks of a button you can easily restrict what your members get to see.

Ajax Powered Search

Lightening quick ajax search returns the result your user wants fast with slick CSS3 animations.

Sort Results by Date, Views, Title and Votes Instantly!

Instantly order and sort any results with a click of the button…no page refresh needed!

Interactive Voting Experience

Our smart voting systems allows the user to help your community by voting for what was helpful and what was not.

Easily Categorize Your Knowledge Base

Pixel Knowledge Base comes with categories already registered, all you need to do it activate the plugin and your set to go.

Pixel Knowledge Base Key Features:

  • Seamless plug and play installation – no coding experience required
  • Restrict Knowledge Base Categories by any role
  • Custom Template Support
  • Smart Ajax Live Search
  • Sort by date, title, views or number or votes without refreshing the page
  • Unique Voting System
  • Knowledge Base Categories with 1/2/3 or 4 columns Per Row and drag and drop re-order
  • Change the knowledge base and associated category slug in a few simple steps
  • Lots of public template actions for developers to create unique layouts.
  • Gracefully degrades so compatible with all modern browsers
  • Lightweight Progressive CSS that inherits your themes styles by default – just 5KB when minified!
  • Found a bug? Our support service will push you to the front of the line and get it fixed.

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Pixel Diamond PSD Gaming Magazine + Store (Creative)

14 PSD Files, Includes:

  • 01- Home
  • 02- Home V2
  • 03- News Section V1
  • 04- News Section V2
  • 05- News Section V3
  • 06- Post Page V1
  • 07- Post Page V2
  • 08- Post Page V3
  • 09- Pixel Shop Grid View
  • 10- Pixel Shop List View
  • 11- Shop Item (Description)
  • 12- Shop Item (Reviews)
  • 13- Shop Item (Video)
  • 14- Login and Register V1
  • 15- Login and Register V2 (Popups)
  • 16- Shopping Cart
  • 17- Wishlist
  • 18- Compare
  • 19- Checkout
  • 20- My Account
  • 21- Sidebar Widgets
  • 22- Menu Versions and Dropdowns


Image Credits: (NOT INCLUDED)

Kaze-Hime | www.soundlesswind.com
jonasdero: http://jonasdero.deviantart.com/

If you have any questions, just leave a Comment!!

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Hookie – Pixel Perfect & Multipurpose PSD Template (Corporate)

Hookie is a Pixel Perfect and Multipurpose designed premium psd template for all kind of a business, an agency and a portfolio.

If you like Hookie PSD template, please rate it 5 stars. Thanks!

Hookie’s Features

  • 21 Fully layered .PSD files
  • 4 Home page styles
  • 3 Blog layouts
  • 3 Portfolio layouts
  • 2 Portfolio single page layouts
  • Shop page for WooCommerce
  • Mega and Simple dropdown menus
  • 3 Header types
  • Bootstrap ready 1170px – 12 columns grid
  • Pixel Perfect and Multipurpose designed
  • Well organised layers makes it easy to edit
  • Full set of shortcodes

Included Files

  • 01-Hookie-Home.psd
  • 02-Hookie-Home-2.psd
  • 03-Hookie-Home-3.psd
  • 04-Hookie-Home-4.psd
  • 05-Hookie-Portfolios.psd
  • 06-Hookie-Portfolio-Single-v2.psd
  • 07-Hookie-Portfolio-Single-v1.psd
  • 08-Hookie-Blog-Standard-Layout.psd
  • 09-Hookie-Blog-2-Columns-Grid.psd
  • 10-Hookie-Blog-3-Columns-Grid.psd
  • 11-Hookie-Blog-Single.psd
  • 12-Hookie-Mobile-Nav.psd
  • 13-Hookie-Service-Variations.psd
  • 14-Hookie-Coming-Soon.psd
  • 15-Hookie-Shop.psd
  • 16-Hookie-Shop-Single.psd
  • 17-Hookie-404-Error.psd
  • 18-Hookie-Shortcodes.psd
  • 19-Hookie-About-Us.psd
  • 20-Hookie-Services.psd
  • 21-Hookie-Contact.psd

Sources and Credits


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