Entro’s Posts layout for Visual Composer (Add-ons)

Entro’s Posts layout for Visual Composer is an addon for Visual Composer which extends posts layout with 14 new templates.


  • 7 Post Grid style templates
  • 7 Post Slider style templates
  • 100% Responsive design
  • Color customization
  • Query Builder
    • Post type selection
    • Post count
    • Order by
    • Sort options
    • Category filter
    • Tag filter
    • Taxonomy filter
    • Specific post/page selection
    • Author filter
  • Easy Install
  • Translation Ready
  • One page multiple layout support
  • Custom post-type Support
  • SEO Ready
  • Fully responsive and mobile ready

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Popular Posts Count PRO (Widgets)

Display Posts View Counts without creating Extra DATABASE

A light weight first of its kind plugin, Popular Posts Count is a highly customizable widget plugin which displays the total count of posts view on your blog without creating Extra DATABASE.

Main Features:

  • Display view counts without Extra DATABASE.
  • Display, how many posts to show
  • Multiple Skins
  • Display views on single POSTS
  • Display views on single PAGE
  • Dashboard panel to view popular posts

You can customize:

  • Widget’s title
  • How many posts to show
  • Show most popular posts from a period of time

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WordPress Posts & WooCommerce Products Scheduler (Products)

The WordPress Posts & WooCommerce Products Scheduler (WPPS) plugin is a powerful tool by which the Site admin can schedule a post/product visibility by “date rules”.


user: demo
pass: demo


It’s very easy, once installed and activated, the site admin will find a new “Scheduler” menu voice on the main menu by which he can access to the Scheduling rules configurator.


The site admin can assign to a set of posts/products (directly selecting them or a set of categories) multiple scheduling rule. Each scheduling rule has the following option:

  1. Rule name/id
  2. Item type (WordPress post or WooCommerce product)
  3. Item(s) selection
  4. Category(is) selection
  5. Assignment strategy (the rule can be assigned to the selected items/categories or to all items except the ones selected)
  6. “Children” categories (if a category was selected, that rul can be assigne also to its children)
  7. Scheduling dates

Scheduling dates

For each scheduling rule, the site admin can create different scheduling dates (configuring day(s), month(s), hour, …) for each of which different statuses (published or unpublished) can be assigned. Here two examples of what can be done:

Example 1 (WooCommerce)

The shop admin would like to make a product(s) to be published every day of the year only between 09:00 to 18:00 and unpublished in the remaining hours and on 25th December.
The Scheduling rules will be configured as follows:

  1. Create a new rule and assign a name/id
  2. Select “WooCommerce product” item type
  3. Select an item(s) and/or category(ies)
  4. Create a new date rule where:
    1. Status: Published
    2. Day date type: Day of the week
    3. Days of the week: Select all
    4. Months: Select all
    5. Hour: 9
    6. Minute: 0
    7. End period time: yes
    8. End hour: 17
    9. End minute: 59
  5. Create a new date rule where:
    1. Status: Unpublished
    2. Day date type: Day of the month
    3. Days of the month: Select 25
    4. Months: Select “December”
    5. Hour: 9
    6. Minute: 0

Example 2 (WordPress)

Site admin would like to make a post available only on the even days of the week and unavailable on the remaining days. The Scheduling rules will be configured as follows:

  1. Create a new rule and assign a name/id
  2. Select “WordPress post” item type, item(s) and or category
  3. Select an item(s) and/or category(ies)
  4. Create a new date rule where:
    1. Status: Published
    2. Day date type: Day of the week
    3. Days of the week: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
    4. Months: Select all
    5. Hour: 0
    6. Minute: 0
  5. Create a new date rule where:
    1. Status: Unpublished
    2. Day date type: Day of the week
    3. Days of the week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
    4. Months: Select all
    5. Hour: 0
    6. Minute: 1


Another useful feature added by the WPPS plugin is a new column named “Sceduling rule(s)” On the Posts/Products list page. In this way the site admin can always know if a scheduling rule has been assigned to one (or more) post(s)/product(s)




Scheduling date: day selection (days of the week option selected) WPPS
Scheduling date: day selection (days of the month option selected) WPPS
Scheduling rule(s) on posts/products list page WPPS


 = 1.1 - 13/01/16 = * Bugfix  = 1.0 - 12/01/16 = * Release  

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WP Youtube Videos Posts and Gallery (Media)

This plugin allows to download Youtube video information WordPress Posts/Page /YTPost or any other custom post type. This plugin is based on Youtube api V3.
In admin, videos can be search by Channel or Playlist or Search keyword. Video informations are editable before update into WordPress. In addition these information can also shown as Gallery on website using provided shortcode.

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ChannelPress – Broadcast posts to Telegram (Standalone)

ChannelPress – This WordPress plugin broadcasts posts you’ve chosen to a Telegram channel that you’ve specified early. You can grab more readers and constant visitors through Telegram and this plugin.

ChannelPress doesn’t use any third-party services or external middlewares, it connects your WordPress site to Telegram directly.

Also, you can use a minimal Markdown formatting for messages to be different from other channels.

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WP Another Posts Reaction (WordPress)

Do you want to make your site more interactive and more interested for visitors? Then you need to try WordPress Another Posts Reaction plugin.

So what is the difference from other reaction plugins? In this plugin I integrated ability for users to manipulate posts tags and categories depending on votes. So you made some cool post, but visitors think its useless. They can vote to move it to some folder like Trash, or apply some tag for it, like Useless etc. It will make your site be more interactive and visitors will help you to rate posts.

Any doubts? Just try it!

Still with Us ? Try to build your own reaction and test it on demo website

You can login to http://reactions.voodoopress.net/wp-admin/ with Login: test_user, Password: test_user and test plugin online!


  • Easy to use interface
  • Mobile friendly
  • Make site more interactive
  • Easy way to customize reactions and widget

How to use?

new-promo-01 new-promo-01 new-promo-01 new-promo-01 new-promo-01

Version 1.1 Release Date 08.05.2015

  • First Release


If you found bug or need to extend functionality or add new feature – just write it in comments and duplicate it via private message ( http://codecanyon.net/user/evgendob ). TNX!

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Youtube Videos To WordPress Posts (Media)

YVTWP (Youtube Videos To WordPress Posts) plugin allow users to import Youtube videos to WordPress in the easiest possible way. You can query videos by user, channel, query, id, and you can also do bulk imports to save yourself some time. It also support a clean way to integrate videos into your theme. You can check the list of available functionalities on the Documentation.

To easily get started with the plugin, you can watch the video below and test the plugin on the demo website.

Watch demo video on YouTube

Key Features

  • Youtube API v3.
  • Multiple feed types integration. (single video, channel, user, playlists, search query)
  • Powerful caching system.
  • Bulk import.
  • Result filter support (for playlists and search queries).
  • Custom post types integration.
  • Scheduled posting.
  • Flexible embed options for your theme.
  • Default settings for easier import.

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Easy Embedded posts (Social Networking)

You can easily embed more than 30 website posts like Facebook, Google Plus, Youtube, Instagram and SoundCloud posts straight to your blog or site. Available website lists are following:

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Network Posts (Miscellaneous)

Network Posts plugin will let you display recent posts from all of your WordPress Network sites on your main network site. Plugin includes widget that one could simply drag and drop in the sidebar or page footer.

Advanced users or/and developers can make use of Network Posts plugin public methods to create custom page templates like they would normally do for a single site installs.

Plugin is suitable for large networks. Please, note that this plugin only works with WordPress Multisite setup.

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Buy Sell Posts on Fanpages, WordPress Plugin (Social Networking)

Buy Sell Posts, unique WordPress Plugin

BSP WordPress Plugin, the best plugin to Buying and Selling Posts on Facebook Fanpages

Advertising on fanpages currently is really wanted and this is reason why we created this plugin for you! Now you can sell advertising for fanpages on your page.

 Lastest version v1.0.0 - first release 

How does it works?

  1. Purchase and install a BSP Plugin.
  2. Users can buy advertising for fanpages on your site.
  3. BSP Plugin displayed added fanpages on your site and interested users can buy posts by directly contact the owner fanpage.
  4. You earn at each added fanpage to your site. You can set cost and how long will be displayed ads. It’s that simple!

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