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  • Protect Comments Pro – Protect comments with password (Utilities)

    Protect comments with password. In case of you want to hide comments of your blog posts and show them to only who knows the password; probably this is the only plugin that can help you achieve this! CodeCanyon new WordPress items Shortlink http://thesetemplates.info/codecanyon/protect-comments-pro-protect-comments-with-password-utilities/

  • SafeGuard Pro for WordPress – Protect your Website (Miscellaneous)

    Get in touch with us Live Demo Admin Area – User: demo – Password: demo Frontend Use the search function on the left side to test the SQL injection protection. For example enter: Gewora’; DROP TABLE members; — or use this direct link to do the same.. SafeGuard Pro for WordPress SafeGuard Pro for WordPress […]

  • Block Double Logins – Protect Your Membership Site (Utilities)

    Protect your membership sites – prevent users from sharing accounts block users from simultaneously using the same WP account block users from simultaneously logging in to multiple accounts from the same IP block users who hide behind a proxy see who’s online at any given time see who’s trying to share their account choose which […]