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  • Push.js : Cross-browser JavaScript Push Notifications

    Push is the fastest way to get up and running with Javascript desktop notifications. A fairly new addition to the official specification, the Notification API allows modern browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE 9+ to push notifications to a user’s desktop. Push acts as a cross-browser solution to this API, falling back to […]

  • WP Push Notifications Pro (WordPress)

    WP Push Notifications pro is plugin to send push notifications message on both android and ios devices. You can manage tokens and all previous sent messages in the backend. Tokens are used to send push notification via google cloud messaging. How it Works Go to ‘New Notification’ page and choose device and send the message. […]

  • Push Down Banners WordPress Plugin (WordPress)

    Push Down Banners are banners that Push Web Content Down. No programming required. With this WordPress Plugin you simply upload your banner which can be an image, flash or HTML code, set your variables, preview and deploy. Save an unlimited number of banners and show on any page within your site. Customize it by adding […]

  • Multi-Level Push Menu for WordPress (Menus)

    Are you tired of the same old WordPress Administration Menu? With the latest version of WordPress you can choose between multiple new modern color schemes, but you are still stuck with the same menu and icons. Give your WordPress admin a sophisticated look with this nested multi-level push menu, and easily customize colors, fonts and […]

  • 59sec LITE – Contact Form 7 Push notifications (Forms)

    What does the 59sec LITE do? 59sec LITE helps companies to answer leads (or new contacts) generated with Contact Form 7 under 59 seconds. Why? Because studies done by MIT and Kellogg (published here on Forbes) show that answering a lead in 5 minutes versus 30 seconds means 21x more chances to close the sale. […]

  • Push Notifications for Posts (Newsletters)

    Push Notifications for Posts, v1.1 Send push notifications to iOS, Android, and Fire OS devices when you publish a new post. Straight from your WordPress site, in real-time. Alert your visitors when new content is published, converting them to regular and loyal readers. It’s like a newsletter, but so much more effective. Keep your audience […]