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  • Mona Reaction – Voting system with customizable reactions wordpress plugin (WordPress)

    This is a really funny plugin which can help you include Voting system on your wordpress website/blog. Image that your fan can vote on each of blog item with many funny reactions and guess what, you can customize it base on your website content You can have your own reactions or using things just like […]

  • WP Another Posts Reaction (WordPress)

    Do you want to make your site more interactive and more interested for visitors? Then you need to try WordPress Another Posts Reaction plugin. So what is the difference from other reaction plugins? In this plugin I integrated ability for users to manipulate posts tags and categories depending on votes. So you made some cool […]

  • Reaction Buttons (WordPress)

    The Reaction Button allow users to react your content but too lazy to type out an comment Over time when only limited with 2 options original state monotonous: Like and Unlike, now you’ve got more options. Once a user click on a reaction button, that’s means I can hear the complainers or cheer… Ex: OMG […]