WooCommerce Sales Notify Pro

Notify Visitors About Your Recent Sales WooCommerce Sales Notify, This Plugin actually add a little Animated Notifier on the Bottom Left for the visitors about the Recent Sales, which also contains details in features, You may also Embed this Notifier to any other website, suppose you have Blog on other website you may also use […]

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WooCommerce Notification – Boost Your Sales (Marketing)

WooCommerce Notification displays recent orders on your storefront. It’s the online equivalent of a busy store, and shows prospective customers that other people are buying your products.

  • Increase conversion rate by highlighting other customers that have bought products.
  • Display orders in real time for buyer validation and social proof!
  • Create a sense of urgency for visitors, and expose new products!


  • Show Notify from specific pages
  • Works on mobile! Choose how your notifications are displayed on mobile, or turn them off for mobile devices
  • Custom message purchased.
  • Custom message checkout.
  • Get real products from order what is processing or completed.
  • Set time threshold to get recent product from order.
  • Up sales with special product.
  • Auto detect real address with ipFind API
  • ipFind auth key
  • Make virtual address of customer and name
  • Set Virtual Time to auto get random
  • Unlimited color of highlight, text, background.
  • Available 4 styles position to show notification.
  • Available 2 image positions
  • Sound effect when show notification
  • Set time to display notification, delay time to wait from showing, loop time
  • Save Logs
  • See users interact with your notifications in real time.
  • FAST. Notify is lightweight and built to scale, so it won’t slow down your site (which can hurt your Google rankings)
  • Easy to use

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SALES HYPE – Single-Page Product, Promotion and Services Sale Muse Template (eCommerce)

SALES HYPE – Awakening of the Marketing Force!

SALES HYPE is a premium, fully responsive single-page Muse Template aimed for product and services presentation, promotions & sales. Adding image sliders or a video is a breeze – SALES HYPE will help you to unleash the Force of marketing with just a few clicks. It is designed for creative designers in a search for an out-of-the-box promotion & sales website design template, as well as for digital agencies that want a highly customizable marketing web solution.

You can select between several different SalesHype options main options ( DARK & LIGHT side) as well as different aspects (Video Background, Image Background, Content Slider) which gives you the total of 2×3 = 6 different Muse templates to boost your marketing efforts.

SALESHYPE - Modern Muse Product Promotion Template - 5StarThemes

SALESHYPE - Modern Muse Product Promotion Template - 5StarThemes

SALESHYPE - Modern Muse Product Promotion Template - 5StarThemes

SALESHYPE - Modern Muse Product Promotion Template - 5StarThemes

SALESHYPE - Modern Muse Product Promotion Template - 5StarThemes

SALES HYPE - Features at Glance

SALES HYPE creative Muse template includes easily manageable widgets and pre-configured features like:

  • 100% responsible – looks good on any device, browser and screen size (iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet, desktop…)
  • Homepage design as single-page with smooth scrolling enabled, and different teaser formats
  • Slider with with images or video in the background combined with teaser text(s)
  • comprehensive Product Feature blocks
  • Gallery of images with title and subtitle
  • Gallery-like listing of stores or services, where your product can be purchased
  • Price List Blocks
  • Contact Form block with option to add fields
  • Google Maps integration

All Templates come with Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Version.


Version 1.1 25 March 2016

   - New template added. ProductBoost is fully responsive template created with new version of Adobe Muse 2015.1.2.44.   


Version 1.0 26 December 2015

   - Initial release published.   

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WooCommerce sales and downloads counter (WooCommerce)

WooCommerce sales and downloads counter plugin

Just install and you are ready to customize your sales and downloads counter.

With this plugin you can:
– Change number of sales and downloads
– Customize text before and after number of sales and downloads
– Customize number for all product in one click
– Customize text color, border color, background color, padding, margin and font size
– Customize counter just for one product
– Absolutely no code required
– Ready for all WooCommerce themes

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Ultimate Sales Page – WordPress Sales Pages Builder (Products)

You can build complete sales pages with the freedom to create unlimited styles, with your custom logo and content. You can make unlimited pages for you or your clients from any WordPress blog. Use multiple blogs or control hundreds from an existing blog WITHOUT affecting your current WordPress theme or with other plugins. This is your secret weapon to create ultimate sales pages without Photoshop!

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WP Sales Tracking – Track Your WooCommerce Revenue (WooCommerce)

Track Revenue for your Sales Representatives and Organizations


Check out the live demo for a working example and the link to our help center!

WP Sales Tracking is a powerful WordPress plugin that gives your WooCommerce store the ability to track revenue generated by sales representatives and organizations. It makes it easy to determine how much to pay your sales reps for their commissions.

Easy access to our beautiful front-end dashboard allows both the store owner and sales rep to confirm proper payments are made over any timeframe. So there won’t be any more confusion about whether a sales rep’s commission is accurate.

Sometimes multiple sales reps work for organizations with administrators who want to track revenue at the organization level. So, we created an Organizational Administrator role which has the ability to track all the revenue their company is responsible for.

We understand your need for privacy. That’s why we created individualized views for each role. Sales reps will only see revenue from customers that have been assigned to them. Organizational Administrators will only see revenue totals for sales reps that are a part of their company.

Let’s look at an example to see how the plugin works. Assume Bobby, Sue and George are sales representatives for Company A and Ophelia Admin is the administrator. Jim Flowers is the administrator for Company B with Ted working as their sales representative.

When Bobby, Sue, George or Ted log in and view the dashboard, they’ll see the revenue attributed to them for whichever period of time they choose. Bobby will only see his revenue. He will not see Sue or George’s. Sue, George & Ted will have the same experience.

When Ophelia logs in and views the dashboard, she will see the total revenue attributed to Company A for whichever period of time she chooses. This means she will see the revenue from Bobby, Sue and George. Jim will have the same experience for Company B.

When the store owner logs in and views the dashboard, they will see the total revenue for all sales reps from Company A as well as all sales reps from Company B.

We hope you enjoy the plugin!

Please let us know if you have suggestions in the comments section.


     v1.0.0 released 11/9/2015     - Initial public release     

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WOOZOOm PRO – Zooms On Details. Focuses on Sales (Products)

WOOZOOm is a product image magnifier and an image slider that can be easily customized. It helps enhance user experience and sales.

= Highlights/Features =

  • Zooms to actual image size on mouse-over
  • Allows you to set main product image size and thumbnail size
  • Allows you to choose a Zoom Type (Window, Lens, Inner Display)
  • Allows you to select a Zoom Box Position.
  • Allows you to customize Zoom Box Size
  • Allows you to activate/deactivate “Mouse Scroll on Zoom,” a feature that allows site visitors to zoom in and out of the image by using the mouse scroll wheel
  • Allows you to activate/deactivate “Image Easing,” which when activated smoothens the magnification UI experience
  • Allows you to exclude categories.
  • Allows you to exclude products.
  • Allows you to include products from excluded categories.
  • Mobile Friendly and easy to setup

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WooCommerce Product Sales Report and Exporter (WooCommerce)

WooCommerce Product Sales Report and Exporter extension shows you all Products sales information in one main Dashboard. It’s very easy to understand and user friendly format. Which gives a best overview of your WooCommerce Store.

Display Products total Sales Count on Product’s Shop page and Details page with your own text.

Display Products total Sales Count on Product’s List page on backend side.

You can shows your report using multiple filter like By Week, Month, Year, Products, Seller and Custom selected dates.

You can Sort and Search data report which you want amd export in to Excel, CSV and PDF. Also copy data in clipboard and paste where you want.

Sorting and Searching are based on fully Ajax based.

WooCommerce provides several excellent reports built in. The most important is probably the variety of order reports.Using WooCommerce Product Sales Report and Exporter Plugin you can see Total sales in one Day, Week, Month, year and selected time Priourd. Also see seller wise reports.For more details check our functionality.


  • Display Best report by multiple filters
  • Display Product Sales count on Product’s Shop page
  • Display Product Sales count on Product’s Details page
  • Display Product Sales count on Product’s List page(Backend)
  • Sorting, Searching and page listing are based on ajax no need to page refresh and load on server
  • Easy to understand and user Friendly
  • Filter

    • Running Week
    • Last Week
    • Running Month
    • Current Year
    • By Products
    • By Products Seller / Author
    • Custom Selected date or time priourd
  • Export Report

  • Export your reports after sorting and searching which you want.
    • Export In Excel
    • Export In CSV
    • Export In PDF
    • Copy On clipboard

Need help? or more infornation about product than Please be sure to read the Document. For read Document Click Here. You can also email us on support@indicaneinfotech.com for any pre-sale inquiry only.

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WooCommerce Sales Count (Marketing)

WooCommerce Sales Count is a WooCommerce extension using which, the Sales Count of the Products can be displayed on Shop Page and Product Page.


  • Display Sales Count in your Shop
  • Works for Simple Product and Variable Product (at Variant Level>
  • Works on Shop Page (for Simple Products) and Product Page
  • Cart Icon Option
  • Font Size, Color etc can be set
  • Highly Customizable
  • Translation Ready
  • WPML Compatible
  • and more

How to Upgrade to a newer version of WooCommerce Sales Count?

If you are using an older version and want to upgrade to the latest version of WooCommerce Sales Count then please do the following steps.

1. Deactivate and Delete the existing version of WooCommerce Sales Count in your site.
2. Download the latest version file (woocommercesalescount.zip) of Handy Cart from Codecanyon.
3. Unzip woocommercesalescount.zip inside which you will find the Plugins files i.e. fpsalescount.zip.
4. Install the latest version of WooCommerce Sales Count i.e. fpsalescount.zip using WordPress Dashboard.
5. Activate the Plugin.

Please note you will not lose any settings values, data etc by following the above steps.


Please check the documentation as we have lots of information there. The documentation file can be found inside the documentation folder which you will find when you unzip the downloaded zip file.

For support, feature request or any help, please register and open a support ticket on our site.


 Version 1.0  - Initial Release  

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