MusicHub – Music Search Engine + Itunes Affiliate Script

MusicHub is a script that you can run a fully automated song charts, music search engine and a fully automated music affiliate website within several minutes.This script will let your visitors to browse music and download them in several formats including Mp3. Discovering best musics & download them has never been easier . But this […]

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WP & Woocommerce Advanced Live Search (Products)


  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Post Type Support : Type of post to applied live search. if you have select only one products as post type and search box type as advanced so range slider, product type and product category options appear on frontend.
  • Options for how many Recommendation Results Appear
  • You have select multiple post type support, so site owner to made more powerfull search functionality
  • Minimum & maximum Price Range Search
  • Product Type Search like
    • On Sale
    • Featured
    • Top Rated
    • Most Reviewed
    • Recent Added
    • In Stock
    • Out of Stock
  • Product Category Search
  • Input box box for live AJAX search
  • Easily Change Short Content Length
  • Easily Change All Types color like title color, price color, add to cart button color, range slider border and background color
  • Easily Change Product Hover after title color, price color, add to cart button color
If You want to see live demo off Live Search : Demo is here

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Search Manager — Plugin for WooCommerce and WordPress (WordPress)

Search Manager Plugin — all-in-one solution for managing your WordPress and WooCommerce search. Plugin allows you to track search terms and create redirects for them if needed.

Key Features

  • Track Site Search
  • Create Redirects for Search Terms
  • See Search Statistics
  • Add Top/Recent Search Widgets
  • Enable Search Autocomplete
  • Allow Search by SKU, Short Description and Excerpt

Search Redirect Feature

Search Redirect feature allows to increase user experience and skip excess steps while performing search. For example, when user searches for a specific product, instead of showing search results, you can direct the user to an appropriate product page. Search Redirect allows you to forward a user to the:

  • Product Page
  • Product Category
  • Page
  • Blog Post
  • Any other post type or taxonomy
  • Custom URL

Plugin Widgets

Search Manager plugin provides user with several UI elements, that can be used via WordPress widgets, shortcodes or template functions:

  • Recent Search Terms
  • Popular Search Terms
  • Search Terms Cloud
  • Admin Dashboard Widgets: Recent Search Terms and Top Search Terms

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WooBooster – Compare, Live Search, Advanced Filtering, Store Locator & Delivery Availability (WooCommerce)

Introduction : WooBooster-The Perfect Plugin To Convert Your WP Site Into a Feature-Packed Online Shopping Portal

An ultimate tool for your WooCommerce Shopping portal. No need to use different plugins for different features. This single WooCommerce extension has lot of powerful features. Convert your simple ecommerce website into a big business giant like Amazon, Snapdeal , Alibaba etc.

You will definitely love it.

WooBooster is a revolutionary plugin that works as a WooCommerce add-on for your website and extends its functionalities by adding features like product filtering, shipping availability, product comparison and many others.

Enhances User Experience

This plugin gets integrated with your WordPress e-commerce website and equips it with a rich and interactive user interface that makes the process of purchasing a product, breeze for the users. This results in enhancement of the user experience and hence, your portal’s popularity reaches new heights.

Boosts Your Sale

Using this plugin, you will be able to display your products grouped in different categories like, “Most Popular”, Fast Selling, Featured Product, Deal of the Day and others. By adding product slider, you can easily push any specific product categories that are on discount. This will attract the customers as they will be able to find trending products fast and it will directly boost your sale and revenue.

Some of the Key Features of WooBooster:

Shipping Availability

  • You can add Zip Code to the website and mention the shipping time with each of them.
  • It will be displayed with the product when the user enter the Zip code.
  • Using the Zip setting you can play around with many customization options.
  • There is a whole lot of customizable options with this feature.

Product Comparison

  • This functionality enables the users to choose the product from the same category and compare them.
  • You can customize the options including the fields to compare, size of the product image, compare text color etc.

Cancel Order Requests

  • This is a special feature added to the plugin that enables you to see the cancel order requests with all the details.
  • You can choose the action to be applied on these requests using the option given alongside the request in the list.
  • This revolutionary feature aims to facilitate users to search for their desired product by suggesting them probable products based on the keywords they type.
  • You need to add a short code to the website wherever you want this auto-complete search bar.
  • You can also customize the minimum number of words to trigger the suggestion apart from other options.

Zoom Settings

  • You can change the zoom setting for the products using this feature of WooBooster plugin.
  • Enable or disable zoom for products and also set the size of the zoom box.

Product Filter Tool

  • The Booster Product Filter tool has a range of options from basic settings to filter style and select filters to name a few.
  • Buy the plugin to explore scores of such product filtering options that will change the face of your website.

Store Locator

It has an amazing tool for merchants who have physical stores at different locations. This advanced Store Locator enables you to add and manage all your locations and their related information, and making it easy for your users to search and locate your stores or businesses on a Map. Visitors can search store by country, state, city & the search result will display as list as well as highlight on google map.

WooBooster Empower You To Do Following Exemplary Things From Your Online Shopping Portal

  • Let your users filter the products on the factors you choose for them.
  • Enhance the user experience by enabling your users to see zoomed in product images.
  • Facilitate your users to compare the products of the same category and choose the best among them.
  • Allow your users to know the exact shipping availability of the product to their shipping address.
  • Suggest your users the name of the products in the search bar that is apparent from the keywords they are typing in the search field.
  • Cater your users with prompt service when they request a product cancellation.


Version 1.0.0 – 09 April 2016

- Published on ThemeForest

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WooDonation WP Plugin

Air Dev – Responsive Website Template

Cloe – Responsive Email Template + Builder Access

Travel/Hotel E-newsletter + Builder Access

EasyDonation Form PayPal/Credit Card/Bank Transfer

Online Product Customizer

Awesome Friendly Support:

theem’on is handling technical support for this WooBooster Plugin. So, in case, you have any query related to this best of the best , Feel free to drop a mail to us at or contact us via user page contact form.

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Free Image Search – Creative Commons Image Search (Media)

Try out Free Image Search in a live environment first before you buy

Search Free Images From Flickr Or Pixabay.

Websites need images in them, and the quality of images that you use can make or break your website. Good looking images are hard to come by, and free photos that you can use freely in commercial websites are even harder, even more if you don’t know where to look.

Flickr and Pixabay are two awesome websites where you can download free to use images licensed under different types of Creative Commons Licensing. But it’s a struggle to search through these different services for a good photo, download the high resolution image to your computer, then upload it into your site, then try it out if it’s a perfect fit.

Free Image Search solves this problem by adding a free image search tab inside the WordPress Media Manager. Now you can search for free-to-use images from Flickr and Pixabay right inside your site!

Creative Commons Licenses

Each image has a licenses attached to it. Licenses are all different derivatives of Creative Commons Licenses. More importantly, some images aren’t allowed in commercial websites, and you will need to properly credit the original image and author when using some images. With Free Image Search, you won’t have to worry about this since it handles everything for you.

Searching can be filtered so you can search for images that are allowed in commercial websites, and you can also filter those which require attribution.

Automatic Attribution

Since some images will require you to credit the original image and author, Free Image Search handles this for you. Images that need attribution are automatically credited when you download the image. We are using the Best Practices for attribution recommended by Creative Commons.

Each image will have a caption with the proper credits, this means that when you use the image in WordPress, the credits are automatically placed as well.

And if you use the image as a featured image in your blog post, the attribution will be appended into your blog post’s content automatically.

Works With Page Builders

Because we integrated directly into the WordPress Media Manager, page builders and other plugins that use the Media Manager will get the Free Image Search tab as well.

The plugin works great with Page Builder Sandwich – a frontend page builder; And Visual Composer – a backend page builder, since both of these use the WordPress Media Manager for adding images.

Full Feature Set

  1. Integrates directly into the WordPress Media Manager
  2. Search free images from Flickr and Pixabay
  3. Automatic attribution
  4. Automatic attributions when used as featured images
  5. Filter for non-commercial/commercial/no-attribution images
  6. Downloads high resolution images and photos
  7. Performs normal WordPress operations (resizes to smaller sizes, captions, etc)
  8. Shows detailed information about each photo
  9. Shows badges of different license requirements
  10. WordPress standards

To ThemeForest WP Theme Developers

You can just include this item as a plugin which your customer can install and active along with your theme.

If you want to include this item in your ThemeForest WordPress theme, please purchase an extended license and let us know in our support page.

Having Trouble with the Plugin?

Head over to the support tab and check out the FAQs, or submit a support ticket!

Enjoying the Plugin?

Be sure to leave a rating and review and show us some love.

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Version 1.0

* Initial release

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Woo Search Box (WooCommerce)

Woo Search Box is a very powerful and easy to use plugin which turns a simple search box of your Woo Store to the powerful multifunctional magic box which can help you to sell more products.

The plugin has 4 great features:

1. Cached and very fast search suggections – no any ajax or server-side loading, so it is really fast. 2. Pinned products block in live search suggestions box 3. Latest visited products block in live search suggestions box which is visitor individual. 4. Additional help messages such as “type any text you want: f.e. child shoes”, “no any match found” in search suggestions box.

The plugin is cleanly integrated with WooCommerce, so even theme developers can add the plugin to their themes.(via extended license)

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Ultimate WP Domain Search (Utilities)

Ultimate WP Domain Search is a powerful WP Plugin offering super fast domain search with options you find in big registrar. Supporting all new tlds and filters to shortlist the domains to search, it will engage your visitors to search more and more domains. Also with WHMCS and Woo commerce support (planned), you can land your visitors directly to domain purchase system without modifying a single line. It comes with Ajax options and with options to split domains search and results on different pages. This is especially useful when you want to show the search box on home page but results on domain pages. It gives you several templates and styles to select the one that suits your needs. Our templates are fully responsive and work fine also on mobile devices.

For Hosts:

WP Domain Search (WPDS) helps your customer to find the right domain with minimum effort. Included tools allow you to categorize your offerings according to your need.

For Hobbiests/blogger:

You can use WP Domain search to make a full featured domain search and whois website.

We aim to make it the best domain search plugin that is easy to customize, your feedback is highly appropriated here.

This is where WP Domain Search (WPDS) comes in.

WP Domain Search Offers Following features:

  • Over 5000+ TLDs in database
  • Make your own categories for domains or show/hide existing categories in search results.
  • Include/Exclude any domains from the search
  • Support IDN domains (builtin IDN converter tool)
  • Tabbed ajax search for end users
  • Extensive TLD management
  • Integrates with WHMCS (with or without WHMpress)
  • Styling options on shortcode levels


Domain Search:

  • Ajax domain search
  • Lets you to show results on 2ndary pages (while keeping the search box on home page)
  • Show results categoriesed in tabs (useful if you offer a lot of domain)
  • Show WWW link for registered domains
  • Show Whois lilnk for registered domains
  • Placeholder for search box

Bulk Domain Search:

  • Enter fully qualified domain names or just the domain name
  • Search 100s of domains in single go
  • Option to tabs of domain extensions for easy selection

Domain Whois:

  • Can show whois for up to 5000+ domains
  • Supports IDN


Your feedback is highly appreciated.

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WooCommerce Product Search Engine NoFollow (WooCommerce)

What is WooCommerce Product Search Engine NoFollow

There are some cases where you want your WooCommerce® product page widely propagated through search engines, but sometimes you simply don’t want anyone to know about it. Because it’s not available, not for sale, or you want it simply gone from search engines and other tracking websites. This is where this plugin comes in.


  • Hide products from search engines
  • Hide product by product or an entire category
  • Create exceptions throughout your entire product collection
  • Ideial for sellers who use WooCommerce® as a supplier platform
  • Overrides any other SEO plugins
  • Simple and uncomplicated product hiding tool

If you use WooCommerce® not only as a frontend on-line store, but also for creating orders on the backoffice for products that aren’t supposed to be indexed in search engines, this plugin is for you.

How to use

Inside each product, in the Advanced tab, there is an extra option named Hide from search engines, the same applies to categories (please check the screenshots).


Version 1.2

  • Bug fixes

Version 1.1

  • Added category support

Version 1.0

  • Initial release

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WP Google Images Quick Search (Media)

Quick search millions of images on the internet (powered by Google Images API) then insert to content or set as featured image very easy and quickly.

Quick video demo


  • Search images with powerful filters
  • Quick insert image with original URL into content
  • Upload image to Media Library then inserts into content
  • Use image as featured image
  • Multiple select support

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