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  • Woo Messenger – Send WooCommerce Notification to Facebook Messenger (Add-ons)

    Woo Messenger will send the WooCommerce notification (eg. receive the new order, change the order status, …) to your Facebook Messenger account. Therefore, you can track and handle the orders immediately. Features Send WooCommerce notification to your Faebook Messenger immediately Change many Facebook accounts as you want Unlimited message Get notification in all your devices […]

  • Cf7 Messenger – Send Contact Form 7 to Facebook Messenger (Add-ons)

    Cf7 Messenger will help you send the Contact Form 7 data to your Facebook Messenger immediately. Therefore, you can contact your customer as quickly as possible. * Use Contact 7 Form with no worry about mail function. Demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2X3I1nnVl0Q Features Send the Contact Form 7 data to your Faebook Messenger immediately Unlimited message Get […]

  • Send Post Email to Users (Newsletters)

    Using this plugin admin can send an email to all registered users via email of new posts, pages, and post types published. Features Admin can send an email to all users whenever a new posts, pages, and post types is published on your wordpress. Allow you to send email based on user roles send an […]

  • Contractor | Create, Send, Sign Contracts Online (Utilities)

    What Is Contractor? Contractor is a powerful WP plugin which will allow you to create, send and save online contract for your company and your clients. It has powerful features which allows you to be completely free in creating templates using the information you need. This means that you create fields which you need and […]

  • Auto Send Virtual KeyCard Products / Image Codes (WooCommerce)

    With this PHP script it’s possible to send virtual products to your customers automatically. For instance if you are selling Xbox Live, World of Warcraft, iTunes, Playstation (PSN) cards or any other image based products you can easily send them to your customers using this script. As soon as your customer checks out in your […]