Featured Content and Slider – WordPress Plugin (Miscellaneous)

WP Featured Content and Slider A quick, easy way to add and display what features your company, product or service offers, using our shortcode OR template code.

Many CMS site needs to display Featured Content/Featured services on website. “WP Featured Content and Slider” is a clean and easy-to-use features showcase management system for WordPress. Display Featured Content/Featured services, features your product, company or services offers, and display them via a shortcode OR template code.


  • Easy to setup and use.
  • 20 cool featured content designs for grid and slider.
  • Visual Composer support.
  • Shortcode with strong parameters.
  • Display featured content on any post and page with shortcode.
  • Display featured content in slider or in a carousel with various slider parameters.
  • RTL support for slider.
  • Display featured content category wise.
  • Display featured content in your desired order with easy Drag & Drop functionality.
  • Category wise filtering on admin page.
  • Font Awesome icon support.
  • Custom page link on read more button.
  • Custom CSS plugin setting to override plugin css and add your own.
  • Display specific post or exclude posts with shortcode.
  • Display specific category post or exclude specific category posts with shortcode.
  • Dynamic read more button text.
  • Fully Responsive.
  • 100% Multilingual at both front end and back end.
  • Detailed documentation included.



Need help? Please be sure to read the Documentation. If you still can not find the answer do not hesitate to contact us on support@wponlinesupport.com
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Fast Slider – Easy and Fast – Slider Plugin for WordPress (Sliders)

Welcome to Fast Slider for WordPress. With this awesome plugin you can build your slider in 1 minute. You can choose from 30+ demos available and you can import all demos or a single demos in few step and they are ready to use.
Easy and Fast. Save your time.

  • Easy and Fast. Save your time
  • 3 Types of transitions: fade, horizontal, vertical
  • 20+ Slider Demos ready to use
  • Custom Color
  • 100+ effects
  • 7 Button Types
  • Responsive
  • 8 Differents preload
  • Slide sortable
  • Multiple slider in the same page
  • Custom color for each gallery
  • Responsive / Mosaic
  • Custom code: css and js
  • Addon For Visual Composer included
  • Translation Ready (include .po/.mo files)
  • Video Tutorial

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Ultimate Before After Slider for WordPress (Galleries)

The Ultimate Before After Slider Plugin for WordPress lets you showcase before-after images in the most beautiful way just like you have seen it on the popular websites!

It is also the first Before After Viewer that lets you upload your own image as slider icon and even create playable animations from pictures. Needless to say, it is fully responsive and works flawlessly on all mobile devices.

Ultimate Before After Image Slider Plugin for WordPress SalesPage

It has countless features and is entirely customizable, which means you can customize everything to your liking!


  • 4 Modes: Horizontal, Vertical, Fade & Side-by-Side
  • Fully Responsive
  • Hover or Drag Interaction
  • Touch & Swipe on Mobile Devices
  • Possibility to Upload Your Own Icon
  • Playable Animations
  • Custom Ribbon Text & Colors
  • Custom Label Text & Colors
  • Option to Add Image Credits Under Slider
  • Unlimited Sliders on One Page
  • Feature to Add Several Sliders in a Row
  • Countless Other Smaller & Advanced Features
  • Very Easy to Use

You will love it!

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Roots Slider for WordPress & Visual Composer (Interface Elements)

Roots Slider for WordPress & Visual Composer is an all purpose slider builder for WordPress with Visual Composer add-on built in designed to create and add elegant and professional sliders to your website.

The plugin comes with an easy to use admin interface. For those of you with no coding experience it comes with over 100 predefined text styles.

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Tiva Testimonials Slider For WordPress (Sliders)

Javascript Version


Tiva Testimonials Slider For WordPress is plugin which help you to manage and display all testimonials on slider.

Tiva Testimonials Slider 1

Management testimonials in admin site

Tiva Testimonials Slider Admin

With many styles and options, you can customize your testimonials slider easily.

Tiva Testimonials Slider 2

You can put testimonials slider everywhere in your website via widget or shortcode.

Tiva Testimonials Slider 3

Why choose Tiva Testimonials Slider For WordPress ?

  • Display your testimonials friendly on slider.
  • Very easy to integrate into your website.
  • Many styles to choose.
  • Many options to customize.
  • Fully responsive.

Tiva Testimonials Slider 4

See demo of Tiva Testimonials Slider For WordPress here

If you like our product, please don’t forget to review and rate it . We will support you as soon as possible.

This product use Owl Carousel to develop (http://www.owlcarousel.owlgraphic.com).


 Version 1.0 (22 May 2016)     - Initial release. 

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Singo – WooCommerce Product Image Slider (Products)

About This Plugin

WooCommerce Product Image Slider is a plugin to turn your product image in to slider. So, user can view product image without go to the product details. It’s a very light plugin which turn shop product images into sliders for any theme. The idea is to show clients all images of any product on shop page.

Key Features

  • Awesome Product Image Slider
  • Slider Control Settings
  • Animate Slider Transition
  • Product Link Control
  • Product Image Gallery Popup


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WooCommerce Manage Pages Layout With Unlimited Owl Slider (Products)


You can build grid, list, mationary, boxed( 9 diffrent style available) layouts with infinite scroll & unlimited owl carousel product slider.

All things are editable like product background color, product hover after background color, product hover after font color, button hover color, category & title color, short content status, category status, SKU status etc…

Key Features

  • Quick and easy installation.
  • All things are editable like product background color, product hover after background color, product hover after font color, button hover color, category & title color, short content status, category status, SKU status etc…
  • You have easily build unlimited products layout on shop page with your color combinations
  • WooCommerce Shop page layouts like
    • Grid
    • List
    • Mationary
    • Boxed Layout With No Title
    • Mationary With Top Title
    • Grid Layout With Top Title
    • List Layout With Top Title
    • Boxed Layout With Top Title
    • Boxed Layout With Bottom Title
  • Mationary Layouts with isotope filter
  • 60+ product effects
  • Infinite Scroll With All Layouts
  • Unlimited Owl carousel product slider with
    • Grid
    • List
    • Grid Layout With Top Title
    • List Layout With Top Title
    • Category Appear or not
    • Short content appear or not
    • Short content words length
    • How many items appear on slider
    • Slider Navigation options
    • Auto play options
  • Owl carousel Product slider type likes
    • Featured products
    • On Sale Products
    • Top Rated Products
    • Most Reviewed Products
    • Recent Products
  • Shop page and single page related product column options
  • Product Per page & total related product options
  • Display short content(With short content words length), Category, Product SKU options On WooCommerce shop page.
  • Display sidebar options on WooCommerce all pages.
  • WooCommerce all pages font type, normal text font color options
  • WooCommerce all pages heading(h1 to h6) font color & font size options
  • Product Background & Hover after product background color options
  • Product Loop hover normal font color, price color, product title & category color options
  • WooCommerce all buttons background & font color, Botton hover after background and font color options
  • WooCommerce all table header background & font color, hover row after background & font color options.

Frontend Product Layout & owl slider screen-shots

1) 4 Colums Grid Layout 2) 3 Colums Grid Layout 3) 4 columns layout with mationary and changes product background color & hover color 4) 1 columns with list layout 5) 4 columns with box bottom title layout 6) 4 columns top title mationary layout 7) 4 columns grid with infinite scroll 8) Cart page with table background color 9) Owl Slider with 3 items grid layout & 2 items list layout 10) Onsale Single items with list layout owl slider

If You want to see live demo off products layouts : Demo is here

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Pro Slider & Carousel Layout for Visual Composer : Amazingly Display Post & Custom Post (Add-ons)

Pro Box Style for Visual Composer Plugin

Key Features

  • Clean Design
  • Responsive Layout – Latest version of Bootstrap
  • Compatible with last version of wordpress
  • Easy to Use UI
  • RTL Support
  • 3 Types of Header Type :
    • Manual : Manual header let you to write a custom text and display it above the Box.
    • Simple : In Sipmple header you can choose a Parent category/Tag/Taxonomy and display that’s child (Sub category/Tag/Taxonomy) above the Box.
    • Advanced : Advanced header is most complete in comparison two previous types, In this type you can display custom category/Tag/Taxonomy as tabs above the Box with separate content with each tab base on selected tabs.
  • Heading Based :
  • This option is used just for “Simple & Advanced” header type. You can choose the headers will be displayed based on category, Tag or Taxonomy.

  • Heading Layout : There are 4 types of header.
  • Tab Heading Layout : There are 5 types of header.
  • 7 Simple Slider Layouts
  • 7 Multi Slider Patterns
  • 11 Carousel Layouts
  • Many slider effects: such as slide, cube, flip, fade, coverflow and custom slide animation.
  • 7 Image Hover Effect
  • Many Pagination & Controller Layouts
  • Set Desktop, Tablet & mobile Culomns For Carousel
  • Custom Google Font For Title, Metas, Excerpt & Button
  • Set Custom Background For Overlay
  • Show/Hide Content Elements
  • Many Slider/Carousel Settings : Such As Autoplay, Lazy Load, Loop and etc.
  • Build Query : You can choose data source(post,custom post,page,…),number of items and order by. Then you can filter them by category,Taxs and …
    • Choose data source Select post types to populate posts from. Note: If no post type is selected, WordPress will use default “Post” value.
    • Post Count : How many teasers to show? Enter number or word “All”.
    • Order By : Select how to sort retrieved posts. More at WordPress codex page
    • Categories : Filter output by posts categories, enter category names here.
    • Tags : Filter output by posts tags, enter tag names here.
    • Taxonomies : Filter output by custom taxonomies categories, enter category names here.
    • Individual Posts/Pages/Custom Post Types : Only entered posts/pages will be included in the output. Note: Works in conjunction with selected “Post types”.
    • Author : Filter by author name.
  • Full control in Carousel
    • Carousel Item Per View Set number of Item per view
    • speed Set Slider Speed
    • Hide prev/next buttons If “YES” prev/next control will be removed.
    • Slider loop Enables/Disable loop mode.

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Easy HTML Slider – WordPress Slider Plugin (Sliders)

Easy HTML Slider Pro Plugin

Easy HTML Slider Pro is a chic and trendy WordPress Plugin which helps in creating swift, effective and impressive HTML slides for the wordpress sites. This plugin is specially useful to those dealing in photography, ecommerce, art gallery, or any other creative business. As the name suggests, Easy HTML Slider Pro Plugin makes everything regarding HTML quick and easy. This plugin carries a brilliant intuitive user interface. The templates system gets the developers to custom their slides in their own unique style. Workable on every HTML entities this plugin is fully loaded with all the features that is required to create the wonderful HTML slides.

 ==Version 1.0.0== * Initial release 

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Before-After MultiX Slider (Galleries)

The Best Way to add Before & After Image Slider to Your Site

Create an awesome before / after slider from your photos with this easy to use plugin. Highlight the visual differences between two or more images.

Accelerated and responsive, it will adjust depending on your screen size. Optimized for mobile devices with touch and drag slider support.


  • Two or more! images to compare
  • Unlimited number of sliders on page
  • Mobile Responsive
  • 3 different separators
  • Vertical or horizontal
  • ShortCode generator
  • Visual Composer supported
  • Easy to Configure

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