xPanel – Smart Sliding Panel and Sidebar Widget Area for WordPress Themes (Miscellaneous)

xPanel is a smart sliding panel and sidebar widget area for WordPress themes. With xPanel, you can present sidebar widgets and menu items in more user friendly way on mobile and tablets. Just one click and users will be able to toggle sidebar content in form of a sliding panel.

With xPanel, you can convert an existing sidebar into sliding panel or register a new sidebar. The plugin allows you to control viewport width on which panel shall be displayed. i.e. you can use it for any width from large displays to small mobiles. Give your site a new appeal and enhanced touch with this modern sliding sidebar. It works with almost all themes out there and you will find it a very useful tool in your plugin collection.

Check out the demos

default panelpanel with bar style togglepanel with offcanvas transitionpanel with right positionpanel with right position and bar style togglepanel with right position and offcanvas transitionpanel with right position with bar toggle and offcanvas transitionconvert existing sidebar into side paneldefault panel enabled on desktoppanel on desktop with offcanvas transition

Features in detail

  • Touch and slide sidebar panel using CSS3 animation
  • Convert existing sidebar container into slide panel
  • Choose from existing widget areas or register a new widget area for slide panel
  • Supports left or right panel position
  • Supports two panel transition options (off canvas or overlay)
  • 2 Panel toggle button styles (icon only at top, or icon with bar at bottom)
  • Custom text for toggle button
  • User defined custom viewport width for panel display
  • Accordion like collapsible menu items (You can enable or disable this feature from plugin settings)
  • Smooth CSS3 animations
  • Material Design icon library included
  • Works with almost any free or premium themes
  • Compatible on all major browsers (IE 9 or above)
  • Translation ready
  • Supports languages with RTL layout
  • Step by step documentation guide for plugin setup and configuration
  • Dedicated support in reasonable time span

How it works

After installing and activating xPanel, you can show a slide panel by either choosing a widget area, or by converting a widget container of front end into slide panel. Below are some use cases to help you understand how xPanel can be of great use:

Use case #1: Say you have a sidebar on your theme’s front end. This sidebar contains important widgets and contact forms which goes too down on mobile devices. You may need to show these in slide panel for mobile users. In this case, xPanel will help you converting this existing sidebar container into a sliding sidebar. You only need to provide the sidebar container selector in plugin settings. For example, #sidebar.

Use case #2: Say you are running an ecommerce site using WordPress. You might be having many filters for products, including price range, cart, attribute filters, etc. On mobile devices you would want to show these filters in more accessible manner for users. In such scenario, you can use xPanel for converting the shop sidebar into a cool “Filters” like bar on mobile.

Use case #3: Though most themes today support responsive menus, in some cases you would want to show a collapsible menu for users on mobile. xPanel has built in option for converting list items into collapsible accordion like menu. Using this feature, you can show a well structured collapsible menu using “custom menu” widget and xPanel for your mobile users.

These are just some examples in which xPanel can be used efficiently. You can show custom content, advertisements, forms, and almost anything using widgets into this side panel.

Purchase xPanel today and see how users love browsing your site on mobile.

Plugin Support

All support is provided via comments section and email. For any questions related to the plugin or general query, feel free to email me from my profile page message box, or comment on the item comments section. I would be glad to respond. Thank you for browsing the plugin.

Update log

= initial release =


jQuery library (as shipped with WordPress)
Material Design Icons
Settings API Wrapper

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Nest – Fly-Out Sliding Panels for WordPress (Interface Elements)


  • Create fly-out sliding panels to display any content
  • Side-wide, per-post and/or per-page fly-out slides
  • The fly-out panels are massively and easily customizable
  • Each fly-out panel can be customized independently for vastly different results
  • Smooth and stutter-free animations even on older devices
  • Use included buttons or any other element on your site to activate a fly-out panel (via simple css class)
  • Customize site-wide fly-out in real-time using the WordPress Live Customizer (per-post/page slides are customized on the post/page’s edit page)
  • Clean and well-marked code
  • Stellar support and free feature updates
  • Jargon-free documentation

Customization options

  • Chose panel’s fly-out direction (top, bottom, left, right)
  • Set custom animation speed for fly-out panel
  • Set custom panel width/height
  • Set maximum width for content inside panel
  • Customize fly-out panel background color and opacity
  • Add background image or pattern to panel and customize its opacity
  • 4 activation button designs (+ set custom colors)
  • Position activation button top-left, top-right, bottom-left or bottom-right of screen
  • New in 1.1: Fine-tune activation button top/left/right/bottom distance
  • Set custom text for activation button
  • In cases where you want to use the custom activator class, activation button can be hidden
  • 3 close button designs (+ set custom colors)
  • Position close button top-left, center or top-right of panel
  • New in 1.1: Fine-tune close button top/left/right distance

Customer testimonials


 UPDATE 1.1 (May 21, 2016) - Activation button: Added options to fine-tune top/left/right/bottom distance - Close button: Added options to fine-tune top/left/right distance - Tidied up the Live Customer settings pages for easier navigation (separated descriptions from titles + instead of two sections on the Live Customizer's main page, Nest's settings are now placed jointly under "Nest Plugin") 

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WordPress Ad Master – Popups, Sliding Ads (WordPress)

WordPress Ad Master lets you create popups, sliders, floating buttons, on-page campaigns to engage your visitors and invite them to take action. You can easily show a newsletter subscription form, special offer, contact form, or social sharing buttons customized to your liking with the advanced settings Ad Master plugin introduces.

Choose from a number of professionally designed templates, or create your custom look with a number of easy options. Create a highly engaging experience for your audience, and increase your subscriber base, social presence, and customer interaction with the Ad Master plugin.



Create popup campaigns
Create sliding ad campaigns
Create corner ad campaigns
Show floating button on your site
Show custom exit message when user tries to leave the page
Add on-page campaign
Show rich text, video, or custom image in a campaign
Show an optin form in a campaign (works with ALL major email providers)
Show a contact form in a campaign (message is sent to the email address you specify)
Show social sharing buttons in a campaign
Set Start and End Date for your campaign
Define where your campaign should be displayed on the site
Show your campaign on page load / on page leave
Set Display Delay time for your campaign
Set Auto Close time for your campaign
Enable Content Locking for a campaign
Choose from a number of professional templates
Choose from a number of custom close buttons
Modify any of the advanced design settings
Customize colors
Use Visual Editor for content customization
Show your campaign in a widget
Check statistics for each of your campaigns

Create Campaign

Ad Master plugin lets you create different types of campaigns (popup, sliding ad, corner ad, floating button, on-page, rotating on-page, alert on leave) and add different types of call-to-actions to your campaign (optin subscription form, contact form, button, social sharing buttons).

When creating a campaign, you can manage General Settings, Design Settings, and Content Settings of your campaign. In General settings, you can set Start and End dates for your campaign, display mode, display delay, auto close time, enable content locking.

For Design settings, you can choose from a professionally designed templates, or you can create your custom one. You can modify any setting of your campaign to create a look that suits your website design and campaign goals.

Customize campaign’s content in Content Settings section. Input your headline, text, add bulleted list, customize the form fields and button. You can also show video, or custom image in your campaign.

Once done, save your campaign and it will instantly appear on your site. You can set to show it on all pages of your site, or only in the selected category, post, or page.

Manage Campaigns

You have a number of options to manage your campaigns. You can edit the campaign, and the changes will instantly appear on the site. You can copy the campaign, which is useful when you are creating similar campaigns for different sections of your site. You can pause and further resume the campaign, and you can delete it.

Ad Master plugin provides detailed statistics for each of your campaigns, such as number of views, unique impressions, clicks, and effectiveness rate. You can view detailed information for each of the above parameters.

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Sliding Post Navigator (Widgets)

Sliding post navigator is a widget, which when placed into right/left sidebar will appear when reading a post and automatically create a quick navigation using its “heading” types of titles. It will give the reader easy to access navigation through your post with smooth animated effects!

It’s fully customizable through the settings. Includes features such as: color/background/font/ color change; size of the font/padding/width of the box change and much more.

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