WordPress Appointment Schedule Booking System Pro (Calendars)

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WordPress Appointment Schedule Booking System Pro

“WordPress Appointment Schedule Booking System Pro” plugin is a WordPress appointment scheduling plugin that allows your customers to book appointments for the services directly from your website.

“WordPress Appointment Schedule Booking System Pro” plugin is the powerful scheduling plugin which has most features and user-friendly interface with flexible admin panel.

By this plugin your customers will take a quick view on your services and can book a suitable appointment schedule in specific time and date slot.

“WordPress Appointment Schedule Booking System Pro” plugin is make for service professionals like doctors, lawyer, consultants, therapists, tutors, instructors, singer, artist, photographers, stylists and others who need to schedule their time and date with clients through online.You can create your appointment schedule in a particular date and time.

“WordPress Appointment Schedule Booking System Pro” plugin is integrated with PayPal or Manual Payment systems.

“WordPress Appointment Schedule Booking System Pro” plugin is well implemented with all the necessary features that will make the online booking simpler and easier for your customers.


Appointment Calendar – Month View

Add Appointment from Admin

Payment Systems


  • very easy to install and configure.
  • Very flexible functionality. Fit to very wide range of business.
  • All bookings and settings are stored in your DB. You don’t need third party account(s).
  • An easy to use Booking Admin Panel that displays bookings in Calendar Overview and lets you manage bookings.
  • Built with jQuery, Ajax and other technologies.
  • Easy to install and integrate into your site. because necessary post or page will be automatically created and shortcodes will be automatically copied to page.


  • Make appointment schedule bookings in friendly booking interface – select the date(s) and fill form fields.
  • Prevent of double booking for already reserved schedule time (1 booking per 1 schedule or time slot for a venue).
  • RESPONSIVE booking and availability Calendar to fit any device
  • Add/Edit/Manage Booking from Admin Interface.
  • Insert Booking Calendar into any Post/Page using ShortCode [appoint_sccalendar].
  • You can block specific dates.
  • Pretty modern administration interface.
  • Supports both am/pm and military time.
  • Allows defining the working days, the exact time slots available
  • calendar and date picker are automatically configured according to admin working day and time slot settings.
  • Allows defining the product name at PayPal, the currency, tax,administrator email and the PayPal language.
  • Variety of services to choose from – wordpress appointment schedule booking software lets you set many services options: An appointment at your office or at your client’s location or anywhere.
  • Colors customization – wordpress appointment schedul booking plugin lets you brand the appointment color so it would perfectly fit your website’s colors and theme.
  • Unlimited number of appointments, unlimited number of clients.
  • venue, service, schedule, and timeslots are unlimited and fully dynamic. so you can set according to your need.
  • Calendar management – Manage your availability and mark times when you are not available on your appointment calendar.
  • Block busy time and holidays.
  • Set the length of time slot for each service.
  • Multiple-currency support.
  • Show appointments / schedules in the daily, weekly or monthly view.
  • Easily add, edit or delete appointment in WP Admin.
  • automatically page created and shortcode copied to page to generate calendar and payment process related pages. so its really easy to install and configure.
  • and much more coming soon…

More Features

  • Free Installation Service
  • Unlimited Service and Venue Entries
  • Integrated Payment Gateways
  • Built in Shopping Cart Enabled
  • Manage Booking Straight From the Calendar
  • Unlimited Background Color setting for Schedule Event
  • Dynamic Customized date Picker for Service/Schedule wise
  • Appointment Scheduling Calendar month, week and day view
  • Full Technical Support From Us

Manage your Bookings in Admin Panel

  • Comfortable Admin Panel for appointment schedule booking management. View appointment bookings in Calendar Overview Panel (Timeline) with possibility to set Day/Week/Month view or in Booking Listing Table with pagination.
  • In manage booking Search the booking(s) by different parameters, using the Filter in Admin Panel.
  • Pagination of the booking listing.
  • Administrator can edit or Delete specific bookings.
  • View the bookings in booking calendar of any month of any year.

Desired Businesses / You can use this booking calendar as

  • Patient scheduling (Doctor, Clinic, Medical).
  • Booking calendar / availability calendar for a doctor, lawyer, therapist, gym instractor.
  • Booking calendar / availability calendar for a phycologist.
  • Booking calendar / availability calendar for a consultant.
  • Booking calendar / availability calendar for counseling.
  • A shift calendar.
  • Meeting scheduling (Coaching, Phone advice, Consulting, Law Firms, Education).
  • Client scheduling (Beauty salon, Spa management, Hairdresser, Massage therapist, Acupuncture, Photographers,Personal Trainers, Wellness, Training Institutes, Sightseeing Services, Home Repair, Auto Repair, Tuition, Financial Services).
  • Whatever you like!

For installation process and other information please view our online Documentation

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WooCommerce Warranty & Return System (Miscellaneous)

WooCommerce Warranty and Return system plugin allows customers to raise request for product return or claim the warranty for faulty product. Admin can manage and close all warranty and return request with easy to manage admin interface. Shop owner can also get insight in to cost occurred due to returns/faults using reports.

Front End Features:

  • Display Product warranty details on Product landing page
  • Easy to create warranty/return request from order history page
  • Facility to attach zip file for fault details
  • Request Link for individual product in case of single order with multiple items
  • Warranty request history
  • Guest order warranty request
  • Track progress of request
  • Add comments for admin or view comments from admin for each request
  • Request quote if product warranty is expired

Admin Features:

  • Define your own warranty status according to your workflow
  • Set the predefined warranty/return reasons for customers
  • Predefined warranty form for easy submission
  • Custom request form generator
  • Receive notifications on email for each request
  • Define product receivable address/service center address
  • Customizable Email template for notifications and alerts
  • Admin can also generate warranty request by selecting customer order
  • Manage warranty request easily from admin
  • Sorting of warranty request by status, date and order #
  • Define warranty period in days/months/weeks
  • Add notes for each request handling process for internal use
  • Facility to add cost associated with each return/warranty request
  • Comment log for each request
  • Report- warranty request by month
  • Report- warranty request by year
  • Report- warranty request by product
  • Report- warranty request processing cost

wordpress warranty plugin warranty system for wordpress plugin for warranties and returns warranty management system warranty and return management system woocommerce warranty plugin ecommerce warranty plugin for wordpress woocommerce warranties plugin warranty for woocommerce warranty management software

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SupportEzzy Ticket System – WordPress Plugin (WordPress)

SupportEzzy WordPress Plugin ~ AngularJS App

SupportEzzy is an elegant support tickets system and faqs portal for WordPress. This is a stand-alone AngularJS app which runs on a single WordPress page of your website. This app does not interfere with your existing theme and plugins and will work with any kind of WordPress website.

You can use this App as a part of your existing website or create a new WordPress installation and run this app on a homepage.

Here’s a list of all features that comes with this plugin:

  1. Built and run on AngularJS and uses WordPress as its backend.
  2. Clean, Modern and Premium quality design.
  3. Get rid of the monthly fees you pay for such premium services.
  4. Runs on a single WordPress page and does not interfere with existing setup.
  5. Unlimited Support Tickets.
  6. File uploads with ticket and comments.
  7. Unlimited Support Agents (WordPress Users).
  8. Unlimited Departments & Products.
  9. Support agents can be assigned different departments and products.
  10. Tickets are distributed randomly for load balancing to agents based on the department and product selected by the client while submitting the ticket.
  11. Agents can transfer tickets with internal notes to other departments.
  12. Agents can create FAQs from their comments on tickets for products.
  13. Customize all email messages sent to client, agent and admin via backend settings with dynamic variables.
  14. Customize color scheme based on your website colors.
  15. Custom login and register Urls if you use any other authentication or membership plugins.
  16. Manage if clients and agents can edit their comments.
  17. Very easy to install and setup. Practically you just need to select a page in plugin settings and its ready.
  18. Translation ready via .PO file.

IMPORTANT: As this is a stand alone angularjs app it does not interfere with your theme and other plugins. On the support page app wp_head() and wp_footer() functions are not called to avoid layout and javascript conflict issues.

Features Overview


Upgrades & Change Log

* Version 1.0.0 *

  • Initial release

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MoonLight Ticket System – WordPress Plugin (WordPress)

MoonLight Bootstrap Responsive Ticket System (PHP Version)

For previewing wordpress side, please checkout the screenshots.

MoonLight Ticket system

MoonLight presents the most complete and easy to use supporting system ever!

Simply install the plugin on your WordPress website and start supporting your customers :)

In simple terms:
It’s Easy -> Everything you need is just in place.
It’s Powerful -> Search/Manage/Answer at the same time.
It’s Beautiful -> It has superior typography and beautiful interface.
It’s Optimized -> SEO Friendly, Independent HTML Layout, OOP Codes that used the Ticket System API.

Main Features

  • Bootstrap 3.1
  • HTML5
  • 100% Responsive design
  • SEO Optimized
  • HTML5 semantic structure
  • Cross-browser Compatible
  • Completely independent HTML layout if you have ever needed to change your helpdesk design
  • Edit/active/inactive/add/remove managers/moderators
  • Edit/active/inactive/remove users
  • Display name option
  • Registration Captcha code
  • UTF-8 languages support
  • Forgot password
  • Edit/reply/delete tickets
  • Edit each ticket’s department/Priority/content/subject
  • Edit each reply of a ticket individually
  • Secure file attachment
  • checkout detailed information about each department/manager/moderator/user
  • Filter tickets based on Departments/Status
  • Sort tickets based on last update/Date opened/Priority
  • Auto emails
  • set to receive emails for different purpose and situations
  • Ajax and PHP Contact Form component
  • Ajax Pagination component
  • Extensive Documentation + descriptions for advanced users on how to modify the whole system’s skin!

Features as a WordPress Plugin

  • Ability to connect your wordpress accounts with your MoonLight Ticket System or set it independently
  • Clever Manager/Moderators setup in connected mode
  • Ability to have optional pages such as FAQ, About and Contact page for your support center
  • Easily modify the pages’ contents right from your WordPress panel
  • Enable/disable optional pages
  • Reset to default settings
  • Email templates variables
  • Optional Contact form component
  • Set to receive emails for different purposes
  • Clean independent HTML layout. It doesn’t matter what WordPress theme you’re using, Ticket system layout is independent and won’t get mixed up in your theme.
  • Short URL generator, http://www.mysite.com/?support=index
  • So easy to use and setup! All you need is your support center’s URL, as soon as you install the plugin, you can use the generated URL and link to it anywhere on your website, it is redirected to your website support center.

How to install it

Installing the plugin is just like installing any other plugins on your wordpress website, after downloading the package, you can upload the plugin ZIP file by going to “Plugins/Add new” page of your WordPress admin panel. After uploading is done just activate the plugin and you will see that “Ticket System” menu is added on your wordpress panel menu.
Go to the Ticket System “Control” page and set the initial settings to get it started :)

Features from programming perspective

If you’re a PHP programmer or HTML web designer, it may be interesting for you to know how’s our files structure and what resources we have used :)

  • OOP codes and following PSR
  • Using Smarty for connecting HTML layout to PHP codes
  • Helpdesk API usage for connecting helpdesk’s core to the main structure
  • Used mySQLi method and fallbacks for previous versions of PHP
  • query execution/Database communications
  • Clean CSS and customized Bootstrap skin
  • Well documented. Clean help files and comments everywhere!
  • FontAwesome integration
  • JQuery components


Administrator (you): Can add/remove/inactive/active managers, moderators, users. Also can add/edit/assign/remove departments and view/add/edit/remove tickets and add/edit replies. In simple terms, admin can do anything!

Managers: Can add/remove/inactive/active their own added moderators, view/add/edit/remove their assigned department tickets and also view/add/edit replies.

Moderators: Can view/add/edit/remove their assigned department tickets and also view/add/edit replies.

Users: Can view/add/edit/remove their own tickets.

MoonLight Bootstrap Responsive Forum System

MoonLight Bootstrap Responsive HTML Forum & Helpdesk Template (2 in 1)

MoonLight Pure Bootstrap Skin (LESS & CSS)

MoonLight Multipurpose/eCommerce PSD Template (44 PSD)

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Woocommerce Refunds System (WooCommerce)

Definition of Woocommerce Refunds System :

Woocommerce Refunds System is a Woocommerce extension that adds the functionality of dispute resolution and refunds management to your store.

Yeah,I know the definition of the plugin seems quite simple but the plugin isn’t :D

How The Refund Processing Actually Works

Disputes are initiated by buyers.
Disputes can only be initiated on refundable products that have successfully been purchased.In woocommerce terms,when order status is completed or processing.
Then the proceeding page :
Immediately the dispute has been initiated by the buyer,the following happens :
-the order status changes to “dispute” in the admin.
-buyer receives dispute initiation email
-admin receives dispute initiation email

At this stage admin can do 3 things :
1. Email buyer for further discussion.
2. Process the refunds via the payment gateway used or fall back to step 1. to request for method of payment the buyer would prefer.
After admin has refunded the payment,admin can then click on “Approve” dispute button on the order page. This automatically marks order as refunded,email notification is sent out to both buyer and admin,amount refunded is deducted from the total sales. admin-resolution
3. Decline the refunds. If refunds is declined status of order is automatically changed to “Not Refunded”,buyer and admin receives notification email and the buyer can not initiate dispute for that same order again.

Superb Refund Settings Per product

-On product page in admin,you can configure the refund cost against the duration. A quick example of this is :

Product X costs $ 500. We can set the refund rule like :
$ 400 will be refunded if dispute is initiated by the buyer after 7days of purchase.
$ 300 will be refunded if dispute is initiated by the buyer after 14days of purchase.
$ 200 will be refunded if dispute is initiated by the buyer after 30days of purchase.
$ 150 will be refunded if dispute is initiated by the buyer after 45days of purchase.
$ 100 will be refunded if dispute is initiated by the buyer after 60days of purchase.

-Set terms and conditions of refunds per product

Three(3) new order statuses

order statuses

Email Templates Settings

Emails are sent in HTML format with varieties of Tags to use :
buyer_first_name: Customer First Name
buyer_last_name: Customer Last Name
buyer_email: Customer Email
buyer_dashboard_link: Customer Dashboard Url
item_name: Item name
quantity: Item quantity
order_id: Order Id
dispute_message: Reason message
terms: Terms and Conditions
admin_name: Blog name
reason_for_decline: Declination reason

Still More Features

-Easily localizable.
-Compatible with latest Woocommerce version
-Top-notch Customer Support
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BRS – Booking & Reservation System (WooCommerce) (Calendars)

BRS is a user-friendly booking plugin built with woocommerce, that allows you to integrate a booking / reservation system into your WordPress website.

Whether you’re running a real estate agency, car rental, hotel… BRS plugin is the ideal solution for your business.

Below if a list of the main features offered by BRS:

  1. Manage Booking Cost Easily
  2. Individual Booking Cost per Resource & Person
  3. Booking Availability from Backend
  4. Define Resource Cost
  5. Drag & Drop Functionality for person & resource
  6. Custom Order Message via E-mail
  7. Select & Choose Multiple Resources ( For Example : Air-conditioning, Garden, Sea view etc. )
  8. Apply Coupon code/ Discount Code of Woocommerce.

Click on the banner below to be redirected to the video tutorials or simply check out the screenshots below





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Improver – WordPress Improving System (WordPress)


  • Easy to instal
  • Answer & Settings panels
  • Editable colors (quick edite with palette in the admin panel)
  • Likes system
  • Messages & symbols limit
  • Work with WordPress 3.9

Settings include:

  • Letters min
  • Letters max
  • Period: (days)
  • Post in period
  • Sort comments by:
    • from old to new
    • from new to old
    • by popularity
    • by likes
  • Post per page
  • Colors


If you need support you can write me back on my profile page or on plugin’s page.
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AIO Support Center – WordPress Ticketing System (Forms)

AIO Support Center is powerful, but easy to use ticketing system for your WordPress site.

Main Features

Check out documentation and demo before purchase.

Minimum System Requirements:
PHP Version: 5.3+
WordPress Version: 3.9+
WordPress – access to admin-ajax.php from both front-end and back-end (some themes and plugins may block this)
Browser Support: Google Chrome | Mozilla Firefox | Opera | Safari | Internet Explorer 8+

PHP Version: 5.5+
IMAP ENABLED (php extension)
WordPress Version: 3.9.1+
WordPress – access to admin-ajax.php from both front-end and back-end (some themes and plugins may block this)
Browser Support: Google Chrome | Mozilla Firefox | Opera | Safari | Internet Explorer 9+

In order to work, Support Center must have access to wp-admin/admin-ajax.php even for front-end shortcodes. There was one theme which was preventing access to this file so plugin couldn’t work, so make sure your theme is compatible before making purchase.
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WP Ajax Messages System (Utilities)

WP Ajax Messages System is a private messages system plugin for wordpress that allows you to interact with your wordpress users and according to those yours roles

  • Contacts based on users roles
  • Instant Filter Contacts
  • Instant Read Messages
  • Instant Send Messages
  • Instant Delete Messages
  • Built Using Bootstrap 3.X
  • Responsive

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