Facebook TNT – Trending Now Traffic (Marketing)

Facebook TNT

Facebook Trending Now Traffic is a simple to install wordpress plugin that allows you to drive traffic like the big boys (google, yahoo, bing) around your site and more importantly off your facebook page and onto your website.

Facebook TNT uses the power of trending information via rss/xml feeds to drive traffic to your website. It’s very simple to use (watch the demo video) and easy to install and setup. There are many features included in the wordpress plugin such as the ability to set popups, popup delays, and other features to drive targeted traffic to specific offers or landing pages that you are trying to promote.

Start using Facebook and News People want to Read to drive Traffic to your Website!

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WooCommerce Trending Products (Marketing)

WooCommerce Trending Products is a WooCommerce plugin/addon which allows you to display trending products on your WooCommerce powered store. The plugin has different admin settings to display the trending products on your website.

You can display trending products based on different options such as heighest sold products, Most viewed products, On sale products or you can also select custom products which you can display on your store.

The plugin internally uses the default woocommerce loop template to display the products so it would automatically display the products as per your current style of the theme.


  • Powerful admin backend to customize the plugin.
  • Easily change the trending products to be displayed as per Heighest sold products, Most viewed products, Featured products, On Sale products or select the products you want to display as trending.
  • Easily set the number of products you want to display as the trending products.
  • Two different layouts(Grid and slider) to display the trending products on the store.
  • Ability to display a badge on the trending products and customize the badge style and text.
  • Ability to display the trending products as a slider on top of shop page.
  • Comes with a shortcode which allows you to display the trending products on any page/post/widget.
  • Ability to define custom setting on shortcode.

Shortcode Settings

You can use


shortcode to display the trending products on any page/post/widget etc.
Please find the list of variables you can use with shortcode.

Variable Description
type Allows you to choose if you want the products to be displayed as grid or slider.
Possible values: grid, slider

[woo_trending_products type="slider"]
num_slide Number of slides to display in one go if you are using type as slider.
Possible values: 1,2,3,4 etc. Any number.

[woo_trending_products num_slide="1"]
total_item Define the number of items you want to display
Possible values are any numbers such as 1,2,3 etc.

[woo_trending_products total_item="10"]
show_title Display the trending products title above the products.
Possible values: yes and no.

[woo_trending_products show_title="yes"]

You can combine any of the shortcode variables and display trending products on different places. Check some examples below:
[woo_trending_products type="slider" num_slide="1" total_item="6" show_title="no"]


 Version 1.0 (31 AUG 15)     - Initial public release. 

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Trending Tags (Utilities)

Trend Your WordPress Tags with Trending tags. Make your tags shine with one shortcode, add as many as you wanted tags and add simple shortcode to beautify them. This plugin is special need for theme which doesn’t have tags support.. Trending tags provide Widget to show your trending tags on your WordPress easily and more enhanced.


It is as easy to use as you post your update on WordPress add shortcode and add tags. if you haven’t add any tag and used shortcode it will display random 10 tags. you can also use widget to show tags in your desired position


  • Widget Support
  • Developer Friendly
  • No Configuration Needed
  • One Shortcode for all
  • ShortCode Based
  • Pure CSS3
  • No image used
  • Cross browser supported
  • Pure JS Sphere
  • StandAlone minimal And Feature rich
  • Three Random Tag Colors for post

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