Twitter Button plugin allows you to add the Twitter “Tweet”, “Follow”, “Hashtag” and “Mention” buttons on your site. Also, you can exclude certain post types or pages from adding the Twitter button. Do you want to be always in touch with your friends and readers? Cannot imagine your life without Twitter? Now it is all […]

Get ready to skyrocket your twitter followers. This automated plugin developed for WordPress takes keywords, hashtags and Twitter ID’s you enter and gets you the most targeted followers imaginable. All of this happens automatically after you take 30 minutes to install and setup the module. Just think, 24 hours a day this module goes out

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Create inline tweets while publishing posts and pages. Let your visitors share any text or phrase and watch your traffic grow! Simply wrap any text or phrase in our shortcode like this: [tweet-this]CodeCanyon rules![/tweet-this] Even easier, you can use our post editor button to wrap any selected text. Once you publish your post or page,

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A twitter widget that allows you to display your Twitter Feed. Easy simple setup. Fully responsive and cross-browser compatible. Initial content is displayed server-side without any javascript, making it fully indexable and SEO friendly. No long complex shortcodes to generate by hand. Requirements WordPress 3.5 or later jQuery (included with WordPress) PHP cURL Compatible With

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Twitter Bootstrap Web Development How-To A hands-on introduction to building websites with Twitter Bootstrap’s powerful front-end development framework Overview Conquer responsive website layout with Bootstrap’s flexible grid system Leverage carefully-built CSS styles for typography, buttons, tables, forms, and more. Deploy Bootstrap’s jQuery plugins to create drop-downs, switchable tabs, and an image carousel. In Detail Twitter

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