Twitter Plus (WordPress)

Twitter Button plugin allows you to add the Twitter “Tweet”, “Follow”, “Hashtag” and “Mention” buttons on your site. Also, you can exclude certain post types or pages from adding the Twitter button. Do you want to be always in touch with your friends and readers? Cannot imagine your life without Twitter? Now it is all available in several clicks!


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  • Add Twitter “Tweet”, “Follow”, “Hashtag”, “Mention” buttons in the easiest way
  • Choose the button position – Before, After, Before And After and Only shortcode
  • Change buttons options
  • Use a standard button with the number of followers or replace it with some custom image
  • Choose the necessary post types where buttons will be displayed

Documentation & Videos

Help & Support

Visit our Help Center if you have any questions, our friendly Support Team is happy to help —


  • Hungarian (hu_HU) (thanks to Peter Aprily
  • Russian (ru_RU)
  • Ukrainian (uk)

Some of these translations are not complete. We are constantly adding new features which should be translated. If you would like to create your own language pack or update the existing one, you can send the text of PO and MO files to BestWebSoft and we’ll add it to the plugin. You can download the latest version of the program for work with PO and MO files Poedit.


Update 2.50 – 21.06.2016

 * Release date of Twitter Button Plus. 

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Twitter Manager WP Plugin (Social Networking)

Get ready to skyrocket your twitter followers. This automated plugin developed for WordPress takes keywords, hashtags and Twitter ID’s you enter and gets you the most targeted followers imaginable. All of this happens automatically after you take 30 minutes to install and setup the module. Just think, 24 hours a day this module goes out and and finds you followers.

Lets take a dieting website as an example. We can enter diet, dieting, #diet, #dieting in this module, it will run every time you set it up to run, and it will find people who are posting tweets based on diet, dieting or with the hashtags. It then follows those users. Those users then follow you back. You can gain 10’s, Hundreds and in cases thousands of followers every day using our Twitter Manager. That is just the beginning, The twitter Manager manages the people who do not follow you back, it posts your content automatically to twitter, lets you search twitter directly from the module, shows logs of all activity and much more.

We are long time developers with an impeccable record of developing enterprise applications for clients around the world. The products we have here are time tested by us and are used on a daily basis by all our direct clients.

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Layers Twitter Feed Widget (Social Networking)

The Layers Twitter Feed extension widget allows you to quickly and easily add a carousel, or list of your latest tweets to your website in no time at all.

Control the number of tweets you display, the twitter username and use the intuitive layers design bar to visually edit the look of your embedded twitter feed.

We’ve also included a twitter feed shortcode, so you can add your feed to non-layers pages or place the shortcode within a column of the layers content widget.

All you need to do is install the extension, activate it add your twitter API credentials to the customizer (we show you how to do this – don’t worry!) then select the Twitter Feed widget from the list of available widgets within the customizer. The Twitter Feed widget settings allow you to type in your username and select how many tweets to show (up to 20) – you can also choose whether you want your tweets to display in a list or a carousel (for the widget only, not the shortcode) and style all aspects of the twitter feed..

IMPORTANT: To use this plugin you must have a Layers Theme (or Layers Child Theme) installed on your WordPress site!

NOTE: Some setup is required whereby the user must create a twitter application on and generate API credentials. details of how to do this is covered in the plugin documentation.

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Twitter Share Count Sortable Addon (Add-ons)

Twitter Share Count – WordPress Plugin

Twitter Share Count is a unique work-around solution to the removal of the count box of the Tweet button. It allows you to get key information regarding this social media, with an admin pages called “Twitter Insights” and “Twitter Settings”.

In Twitter Insights you can view charts indicating the number of tweets (containing links of posts) in a certain period. You can also select a different post type and get valuable statistics about the number of tweet shares.

In the Tweet mentions tab you can review the tweets of a specific post or other post type. You will get the latest tweets containing a link, with the tweet text and who posted it (user).

The manual Cache button can help you cache the counting function independently from the other Sortable function. Of course when the default Sortable cache builds the social counts, it will take a note of the twitter links count as well.

With the Tweet button shortcode you can easily embed the counter in your posts or theme. Checkout the different sizes and button colors here.

With this addon you will get back the Sort by Twitter option of Sortable that was removed due to Twitter’s decision to remove the counter functionality API as a free service.

Note: This plugin only works if you have the Sortable plugin already installed.


We take excellent care of our customers and make sure that they successfully install, setup and use this plugin.

You can use the comments section of this plugin to post any comments that may be helpful for others to know as well.

Our Facebook page are available to assist you if you send us a message there, and you can always sends an email at

Keep us motivated to deliver new features by giving us a good rating in your Downloads page. Thank You!


Please check the FAQs available on CodeCanyon

Change log

2/5/2016 - Initial upload to CodeCanyon

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Social Soup – Twitter & Facebook Status Feeds (Social Networking)

Display status updates from Facebook and Twitter users in a stylish and easy way on your WordPress site.

Just enter the Twitter and / or Facebook users you want and Social Soup will drop all the statuses in a pot, stir it up, and give you back something tasty.

To display the Social Soup feed on your site or in your theme simply put the shortcode [SocialSoup] where you would like it to be displayed.

This display is the default and is a block element. Works great in a footer or as a break between sections on your homepage.

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Tweet This – Share on Twitter WordPress Plugin (Utilities)

Create inline tweets while publishing posts and pages. Let your visitors share any text or phrase and watch your traffic grow!

Simply wrap any text or phrase in our shortcode like this: [tweet-this]CodeCanyon rules![/tweet-this]

Even easier, you can use our post editor button to wrap any selected text.

Once you publish your post or page, your wrapped text will appear as an inline tweet to your visitors, with a Tweet This button appended to it.

Watch your traffic grow, as their tweet will contain a link to your post or page. If you fill out your Twitter username in the plugin’s settings, their tweet will include your username as well. This will allow you to track shares, as you will see a notification in Twitter once your content gets shared.

You can change the appearance of your inline tweets in the settings. No coding skills required. Simply change all colors, make your tweet bold or italic, change the button’s text or hide the Twitter icon. The possibilities are endless.

Wait! You can also set a different URL to be shared. Maybe you’d like to drive traffic to an affiliate link, your forum or a product review?

Simply add a URL parameter to your shortcode, like this: [tweet-this url=""]I love these plugins[/tweet-this]
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Twitter Feed – Optimized for Search Engines (Social Networking)

A twitter widget that allows you to display your Twitter Feed. Easy simple setup. Fully responsive and cross-browser compatible. Initial content is displayed server-side without any javascript, making it fully indexable and SEO friendly. No long complex shortcodes to generate by hand.


  • WordPress 3.5 or later
  • jQuery (included with WordPress)
  • PHP cURL

Compatible With

  • Chrome
  • FireFox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • IE 7+

Features Include

  • Caching
  • Cron job file included for Cron controlled caching
  • Cross Browser compatibility
  • Custom CSS
  • Easy shortcodes
  • Favorite any Tweet option
  • Follow button
  • Infinite Scrolling for older and newer Tweets (AJAX)
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Number of Tweets
  • Profile pictures and links
  • Responsive Design
  • Reply to any Tweet option
  • Retweet any Tweet option
  • Sidebar Widget
  • Tweet content loaded without JS/AJAX (SEO Friendly)
  • Tweet date/time customizable
  • Visual Composer Block
  • Works on secure(https) and non-secure(http) sites


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Twitter Bootstrap Web Development How-To

Twitter Bootstrap Web Development How-To

Twitter Bootstrap Web Development How-To

A hands-on introduction to building websites with Twitter Bootstrap’s powerful front-end development framework Overview Conquer responsive website layout with Bootstrap’s flexible grid system Leverage carefully-built CSS styles for typography, buttons, tables, forms, and more. Deploy Bootstrap’s jQuery plugins to create drop-downs, switchable tabs, and an image carousel. In Detail Twitter Bootstrap is by far the most popular of all front-end frameworks. It has earned its position by providi

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