PDF Light Viewer PRO Addon (Add-ons)

PDF Light Viewer PRO Addon

This plugin is designed to embed PDF files to your WordPress sites. You could add unlimited amount of PDF of any size without performance issues.

PDF Light Viewer PRO Addon is and add-on for PDF Light Viewer Plugin (free, 2000+ active users)

PDO Addon adds additional functions such as:

  • Simple PDF page search.
  • Printing.
  • SEO friendly mode.

…plus to built-in free features:

  • Unlimited PDF files.
  • Unlimited PDF file size without site performance issues.
  • Turn.js flipbook integrated.
  • Dashboard flipbook preview.
  • Slider thumbnails navigation integrated.
  • Lazy loading pages integrated.
  • Pages zoom feature.
  • Pages fulscreen feature (for modern browsers).
  • s2member compatible.
  • Developer-friendly.
  • Well-documented.
  • Fully translatable to any language using .po files.
  • Supports wordpress multisites
  • Responsive design

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FaceBox WordPress Photo Viewer Plugin Lightbox (Galleries)

Facebox is a plugin to be used in conjunction with wordpress, is a Ligthbox for media on your website, videos, pictures. The design theme is inspired by the facebook style, and fully connected social networks. There are some improvements that have been made, for example, is fully responsive.

See some of the application’s resources:

  • Plugin theme is based on the style of Facebook;
  • All your images and videos will be linked to the facebook with options to share on other social media;
  • Very simple to install, just send and activate;
  • Compatible with several galleries as NextGen;
  • Keyboard shortcuts enabled, much better user navigation;
  • Fullscreen mode;
  • All the images captured smart and simple way for all pages and posts;
  • Javascript plugin package is very light;
  • Documentation and support, several examples;
  • Can add HTML code into several parts, for example can add a Google
  • Adsense ad;
  • Not necessary knowledge of codes;
  • Works with almost all wordpress themes, if not work on your, just ask a help;
  • Responsively, works on mobile devices;

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Visual Composer Fullscreen Viewer (Add-ons)

Visual Composer Fullscreen Viewer allows you view and edit element container / complex layouts in full screen view instead of Visual Composer normal UI.

Advantage of Visual Composer Fullscreen Viewer:

  • Building complex layouts would be easier.
  • Avoid mistake.
  • Works fine on Back-end & Front-end

Fullscreen Viewer button in VC normal mode

Fullscreen Viewer mode in VC Backend editor

Fullscreen Viewer mode in VC Frontend editor

Video Preview.

Features list:

  • View shortcode / element container with Fullscreen mode.
  • Works fine on Back-end & Front-end.
  • Works fine with all 3rd party shortcodes container.


  • Checked VC 4.7.4 – 05.10.2015
  • Checked VC 4.7.3 – 01.10.2015
  • Checked VC 4.7.2 – 23.09.2015
  • Checked VC 4.7 – 19.09.2015

Other addons:

Change Log

Version 1.1 – 05.10.2015

 - Checked Compatible with VC 4.7.4  * Fixed minor bug compatible with Shortcode Toolbox & Save Load Element & Shortcode Viewer addon. 

Version 1.0 – 03.10.2015

 - First release version. - Support Back-end & Front-end mode. 

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Woocommerce 360 degrees and video product viewer (Marketing)


Do you know our product pages are the core of your eCommerce site. This is where customers will decide to purchase or not. So if you have a tool can optimize these pages as perfectly as possible, you will attract customers’ attention and persuade them to buy

Remember, a well designed product display can increase sales by up to 44 percent, with videos and full 360 degrees spin views, sales can increase by up to 97 percent!

WooCommerce 360 Degrees And Video Product Viewer provides you with an easy way to add a dynamic, controllable 360 degrees image rotation and preview videos to your WooCommerce site. By simply adding a group of images or video embed codes to a product, you’ll have a beautiful image rotation and videos replace the product’s featured image

The plugin is responsive and support all mayor devices and browsers.

Key features

Insert inline video embeds into both extra meta box and extra tab to upload videos

woocommerce product view plugin

Add unlimited images into an extra tab to build 360 spin effect

woocommerce video product

Video loads as inline embedded videos in place of product images when customer click to Video button

woocommerce add video to product plugin

360 spin effect will be shown in place of product images when customer click to Spin 360 button

woocommerce video on product page

This module works with any theme

wwoocommerce 360 view

Easy to use and install

woocommerce 360 product view

How it works

After activating the plugin, you’ll find new meta boxs on the the edit screen for single products, directly above the gallery meta box on the right side.

woocommerce 360 degree

Now, let’s add some images! When you’re viewing them within your computers file explorer or finder window, try have them in the correct order you want them to be displayed in (normally this would be alphabetically like product-1.png, product-2.png, etc… so just keep in the right order) and then upload them in the Media Upload window.

Insert your youtube embeded code to upload a featured video!

woocommerce 360 degrees image

You also can insert youtube embeded code to upload a preview video. This video will be shown in an extra tab on your product detail page.

woocommerce product view

It really is that simple. Just some simple steps and your product page will be transformed!

woocommerce 360 image

Please give us 5 stars if you like this plugin, your feedback is much appreciated. Thank you.

Visit more plugin:

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Visual Composer – Shortcode Viewer (Add-ons)

Visual Composer Shortcode Viewer allows you view and edit any shortcode/element on Visual Composer interface.

At the moment, you need to switch into Classic Mode and find the shortcode or shortcodes for individual elements or sections of content with hundreds of lines of shortcodes and all those confusing.

Disadvantage of Classic Mode:

  • You miss a tag each when cut and paste.
  • Copy from the wrong spot.
  • Select the wrong shortcodes all together.
  • You couldn’t find what you needed easily and quickly.

Advantage of Visual Composer Shortcode Viewer:

  • Find shortcode would be easier.
  • Copy and paste would be exactly.
  • Edit / Update with JSON format easier.

Video Preview here.

Features list:

  • View shortcode / element with JSON format.
  • View shortcode / element text same as VC and Classic mode.
  • Edit shortcode / element with JSON format.
  • Works fine on Back-end & Front-end.
  • Works fine with all 3rd party shortcodes.

Other addons:

Change Log

Version 1.0 – 19.09.2015

 - First release version. - View / Edit shortcodes. - Support Back-end & Front-end mode. 

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Doc Plus – Woocommece Doc Viewer WordPress Plugin (WooCommerce)

If you’ve ever had the need to embed a PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, or MS Word file with your woocommrce product (something along the lines of what Scribd.com does), then this plugin is for you. Doc Plus lets you embed these common file types and a lot more. It allows inline viewing (and optional downloading) of the following file types, with no Flash or PDF browser plug-ins required:

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News Box – WordPress Contents Slider and Viewer (Sliders)


Display contents from different sources and display them in an unique environment. News Box is a an innovative wordpress slider meant to allow you grouping multiple contents and sort them by date.
Fully responsive, adapt itself to any screen and container.

Spread contents from everywhere

Given different sources, the plugin automatically fetches last news and sort them by date.

Every box can have unlimited sources, you can mix contents from: any RSS feed, Facebook pages, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Google+, Soundcloud, Tumblr and of course display WordPress posts from one/more/any category.

Do you want to display latest Tweets and posts from your corporate Facebook page and also latest posts from your site? No problem, the plugin handles everything for you. Titles, links, images, lists, tables: everything is collected and ready to be used.

Everything with maximum ease and in few minutes: the plugin is in fact ready to be used out of the box! News Box is also fully responsive, adaptive and mobile optimized to guarantee a perfect content display on any device.

Maximum flexibility

As per LCweb standards, every News Box element is customizable with more than 30 options to use in builder and to be checked immediately in the preview.

Two main display modes (vertical, horizontal), boxed layout, commands nestable in 8 different positions, lightbox integration and date format are just a small examples. Also fetched contents can be filtered by a powerful system, allowing you to strip and remove unnecessary html tags.

Don’t have time to fiddle with all these aspects? Creating a box, it is ready to be used in your website with default settings. Of course also slider timings are fully manageable, with the ability to create also a stunning continuous slider effect, perfect for breaking news bars.
Take a look at the playground!

Custom skin builder and preset themes

The plugin comes with three preset themes (minimal, light, dark) to adapt itself to any theme immediately.
But you can also create your own unique style: using your colors, setting image borders, boxed news margins. Everything directly from an handy user interface and with few clicks.

Freedom is almost complete and the powerful javascript core will render perfectly your choices keeping all the features on any screen size!

WooCommerce integration and Quick News

News Box could be a great way to display your products. Yes, you can also use WooCommerce as content source! Even in this case you can choose to get one/more/any category products in few seconds.

Or maybe you need to spread quick news, without creating a WordPress post. News Box is the solution to this need, coming with a special post type not shown on website pages but just fetchable by the plugin. Plus you can feature each news with a youtube/vimeo video or also with a Soundcloud track!

Walkthrough Videos

To make the plugin easy for everyone, the documentation comes with detailed videos explaining each step necessary to setup and use any function:


– obviously, the plugin requires a responsive theme to have a responsive behaviour
– jQuery v1.5 is the minimum requirement (v1.7 to use also the lightbox)
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PDF viewer for WordPress (Media)

PDF Viewer for WordPress is a simple plugin Provides a nice interface to view pdf files on your site. Now you can embed pdf files with a nice viewer directly on any page/post of your wordpress website.  Also, It comes with another shortcode with that you can allow a particular pdf file open with viewer.

Here is a list of features:

  1. Share pdf on social networks
  2. Send link to friend via email
  3. Enable/Disable social sharing
  4. Enable/Disable Print Option
  5. Enable/Disable Download Option
  6. Enable/Disable Presentation mode
  7. Enable/Disable Find Option
  8. Enable/Disable Logo
  9. Enable/Disable Zoom
  10. Enable/Disable Page Navigation
  11. Enable/Disable auto linking of pdf links to viewer
  12. Brand viewer with you own logo
  13. Logo links to homepage of your site
  14. 2 Shortcodes with lots of parameters.
  15. Shortcode for viewing pdf file on any post/page
  16. Shortcode to add a text link to your pdf file on any post/page
  17. Fully Responsive PDF viewer
  18. Style & Customize all the single items.
  19. Compatible with Internet Explorer & most browsers
  20. Fast & smooth user experience
  21. Automatically find pdf links & activate viewer if you choose that option.
  22. It uses jQuery to replace url’s automatically which won’t effect on your Site’s SEO if you use the plugin on old site.


This plugin is very easy to use. Just install the plugin & configure options according to your needs. Please follow the link below for full documentation :

PDF viewer for WordPress Plugin Documentation

Resources Used:

Popup.js =  http://docs.toddish.co.uk/popup/


Live Demo


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Smart Before After Viewer (Galleries)

Visual diff tool, that makes easy to highlight the differences between two images. Simply wrap any two images with [before-after] shortcode open and close tags inside WordPress editor.


  • Fully Responsive
  • Touch & Mobile Friendly
  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • Shortcode Generator
  • Custom Labels and Colors
  • Horizontal and Vertical Orientations
  • Multiple Instance On One Page


Feel free to send e-mail to support@topdevs.net if you have any questions.

Please give us 5 stars if you like this plugin. Your feedback is much appreciated.

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