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  • Geo Digger & Visitor Messenger WordPress plugin (Utilities)

    Geo Digger is WP plugin which offers you to print message on any page for visitors from a specific country. For example, you can leave message for visitors/customers from UK. But that’s not all! Your can also print data from visitor’s IP address! Easy to use. Features Create messages for specific country visitors & include […]

  • Site Visitor Statistics for WordPress (Add-ons)

    The product’s functionality is already quite impressive: Need support? Support for all our products is conducted through our support forum, where you can submit your product related questions, bug-findings, etc. Product Description: -mySTAT has unique features for statistics, analytics, SEO optimization and that is why anyone who has their own website should have it. In […]

  • Sharelock: Unlock Content with Visitor Number (Miscellaneous)

    Overview In the world of internet marketing, there is one thing that everyone needs to become successful and that is traffic. Without traffic, you will not gain subscribers to your mailing list, make sales for your products, get adsense clicks or anything else you wish to achieve from your website. Without traffic, you have no […]

  • ExtraWatch Heatmap, Real-time Visitor Tracking (WordPress)

    Live Demo URL: http://www.codegravitydemo.com/wordpress/PRO/wp-admin/admin.php?page=extrawatch user: demo pwd: demo IMPORTANT: After the purchase we will send you the product registration key. Please contact us via live chat on extrawatch.com DESCRIPTION: Increasing Your Revenues What are the places where my users click the most of the time? The Heat Map displays click density spectrogram of most clicked […]