Mona Reaction – Voting system with customizable reactions wordpress plugin (WordPress)

This is a really funny plugin which can help you include Voting system on your wordpress website/blog. Image that your fan can vote on each of blog item with many funny reactions and guess what, you can customize it base on your website content

You can have your own reactions or using things just like facebook. Check out our demo site and you surely can feel very actractive – so your fans will.

– 5 seconds to install
– Super easy settings
– Can be built by Virtual Composer
– 6 default reactions just like Facebook
– More and customiziable reactions
– Very funny experiences for your fans
– 8 Pokemon Reactions included and we will make more for your Mona Reaction Mona Reaction

Future update
– Allow to create more than 1 reaction collection
– Can select what collection used for each post.
– Posts sort by reaction, order by: most vote, lower vote.
– Different type of display couting vote
– More funny reactions design

Looking for some funny reactions for your website/blog without any design stuffs? We ready to help you
Don’t hesitate to tell us your suggestion by comment. Mona Reaction

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WooCommerce Product Voting Addon (Add-ons)

Note: This is an Addon. You need to install BWL Pro Voting Manager Plugin to use “WooCommerce Product Voting Addon”. Minimum version 1.1.1 required.

WooCommerce Product Voting Addon allows you to automatically display custom voting interface with every product in your WooCommerce powered site. Your user can easily sort products based on top liked/top disliked votes. That will gives your user a quick and smart over view about

products. User will able to submit their feedback for negative/down vote. In this way you will get a chance to improve your products.Addon comes with custom widget box feature. So, you can display custom WooCommerce widgets in site side bars. Widget also provide the date range (1day/1week/1month/6month) filtering options.


1. Zero settings & automatic integration.

2. Custom filters in product list page.

3. Add votes & feedback from product list page.

4. Built-in custom widget.

5. Responsive layout.

6. Ready for localization.

7. Quick/Bulk Edit option to show/hide voting panel.

8. Support latest WordPress and WooCommerce version.

9. Extensive Option panel.

10.Step by step documentation.

BWL Knowledge Base Manager

BWL Advanced FAQ Manager

BWL Pro Voting Manager WordPress Plugin

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BWL Pro Voting Manager (Utilities)

BWL Pro Voting Manager provide you a great option to add a custom voting system in single post. Feedback option gives you a nice way to collect user feedback and improve your post.


- Zero Configuration Required. - Up and Down Voting system in single post page. - Feedback Form for down vote. - Form validation with captcha security to protect spam. - Built-in widgets to display top up voted and down voted posts. - Option panel for customize colors and settings. - Feedback Review option. - Custom column to display no of like/dislike/feedback for a post. - Responsive Layout. - Ready for localization. - Support WP Latest Version. - Well Documentation.

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