Easy Google Places Reviews (Widgets)

Easily display Google Places Reviews on your WordPress website using a powerful and intuitive widget. Great for restaurants, retail stores, franchisees, real estate firms, hotels and hospitality, and nearly any business with a website and reviews on Google.

This plugin allows you to display Google reviews on your WordPress website. Why is this important? Positive reviews on websites like Google help businesses gain additional exposure and further enhance their online credibility.

Easy Google Places Reviews allows you to display up to 5 business reviews. Setup is quick and easy. Simply install the plugin and drag the widget into any sidebar to configure the options.

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aWeather Forecast (Widgets)

aWeather Forecast is a elegant wordpress plugin for displaying weather conditions for places across the world.


  • 4 Animated Header
  • You can add your own video or image
  • 18 Animated icons
  • Chose City
  • Chose Units Format
  • Change font by using Google Fonts (Over 700 Fonts)
  • Color customizable (Weather Icons and Text)

What widget displays:

  • Time
  • City
  • Current Weather Icon
  • Current Weather Conditions
  • Current Temperature
  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Pressure
  • Humidity
  • Min and Max Temperature

Forecast by: openweathermap.org

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MV Layers Addons | Addons for LayersWP (Widgets)

MV Layers Addons is a wordpress plugin created exclusively to be used with LayersWP. Nine professional and highly customizable widgets it expands the capabilities of LayersWP.

What make the difference between MV Layers and the competience?

Layers was made by me, thinking in meet all me own exigencies at the moment of create wordpress themes for themeforest, so I improved the code at max after run multiples test to satisfy themeforest and customer requirements. Also, I added all the neccesary control in each widgets, to offer highly customization in each one, without overload of innecesay options.

My compromise

Keep the plugin updated and add new fantastic widgets. So, if you are interested in my plugin but you need more options or function, send me a message or comment…I want to transform this plugin from a great one to an amazing one.

List of available Widgets


  • Counter
  • Carousel
  • Slideshow
  • Portfolio
  • Members
  • Iconbox
  • Pricebox
  • Headings


  • Each widget section can be resized as a normal column.
  • 600+ FontAwesome Icons
  • Page Examples are included.
  • Other fonticons can be added relatively easy (ask me for directions)

Themes totally made with MV Layers Addons

Clinique Theme at ThemeForest

Theme used in demo screenshot:

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JobCareer -WP Job Board Recruitment Solutions (Widgets)

Please note that WordPress theme that is being used in preview is JobCareer WordPress Theme. It’s only for demonstration purpose and not included in this plugin item.

JobsCareer -WP Job Board Recruitment Solutions Plugin by Chimp Studio is yet another handy product offering a complete job portal. It is a super easy-to-install & run plugin that has plenty of options. It offers User role, candidate/employee and employer role separately. JobsCareer plugin has a valuable feature for candidates to search job that best suits their professional career. Candidate can sign up & create/ Manage Profile, make his/her Resume, CV & Cover letter and Short-list Jobs. For Employers, JobsCareer Plugin offers to Register and login as an Employer, Manage Company Profile, Post a New Job, Buy Job And CV Packages & Short-list Candidates. Admin can manage jobs as easy as it never was. Admin can set packages for jobs as and how he requires. Admin can add as many custom fields as required for the job. API settings for social settings help advertise the site. Locations for the jobs can be well managed by the admin and employers can choose from the given location. Add packages for the job, add categories for the jobs, add specialized jobs, add locations for the jobs, make A COMPLETE JOB SITE by installing JobsCareer Plugin. JobsCareer is an SEO friendly, complete, smooth & easy job management system / plugin.


JobsCareer plugin by ChimpStudio is yet another handy product offers following features:
• A complete job portal / job board / jobs market / online jobs / freelance jobs
• Use it as job listings/job postings/job hiring portal
• A perfect plugin to make a recruitment / recruiting site
• Feature of career counselling / job seekers guide
• Create and upload CV/resume template
• Complete SEO friendly, smooth & easy to manage jobs management system
• Feature of users role, candidate/employee and employers role separately
• Easy to install
• Easy to login with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
Different payment gateways
• Paypal / Skrill/ Authorize.net/Bank transfer settings integrated
• Separate page settings for Companies and Candidates Employers/Employees
• Create/Manage profile
• Selection of Jobs and CV packages
• Custom fields
• Location option
• Switch ON/OFF option for candidates to show properties of their profile.

JobsCareer comes up with three major user roles to set-up your entire site that are:
• Candidates: (Users looking for job)
• Employers: (Company looking for employees)
• Admin: (Administrator)

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Popular Posts Count PRO (Widgets)

Display Posts View Counts without creating Extra DATABASE

A light weight first of its kind plugin, Popular Posts Count is a highly customizable widget plugin which displays the total count of posts view on your blog without creating Extra DATABASE.

Main Features:

  • Display view counts without Extra DATABASE.
  • Display, how many posts to show
  • Multiple Skins
  • Display views on single POSTS
  • Display views on single PAGE
  • Dashboard panel to view popular posts

You can customize:

  • Widget’s title
  • How many posts to show
  • Show most popular posts from a period of time

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Extended Widget Options for WordPress (Widgets)

Extended Widget Options is a must-have plugin if you want better control over your WordPress widgets. Elegant and feature-packed tabs are implemented below each widget for easier option changes. By activating this plugin you will open a lot of possibilities you’ll definitely love.

Responsive Column Widgets

Assign column display on each widget for every device! You can set up to four columns which is available for desktop, tablet and/or mobile devices.


Set Custom Widget Alignment

Change your widget content alignment to right, left or center for desktop, tablet and/or mobile devices.

Show or Hide Widget Per User Role

Set the user roles you want your widget to show! Assign widget for guest, customers, users, and any logged in user roles.


Show or Hide Widgets on Specific WordPress Pages

Change your sidebar content for different pages, post types, categories, and custom taxonomies.

Show or Hide Widgets on Specific Device Sizes

Assign sidebar widgets for desktop, tablet and/or mobile devices. Time to remove unnecessary long sidebar widgets on mobile!


Show or Hide Widgets on Specific Date Range

Best option if you are running deals and promotion. Make the widget visible for certain time frames.

Show or Hide Widgets on Specific Days

Take leverage of the per-day widget visibility. Now you can display separate widgets on weekdays and/or weekends. Also the best way to give notice for closed or non-business days for your visitors. This option is awesomely available. The rest is up to you!


and more…

This plugin was built with flexibility on mind. It will give you more options that you can imagine, if you have an idea you can share it with me and I’ll be very happy to hear it.

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WooCommerce Dashboard Widgets Stats (Miscellaneous)

The WooCommerce Dashboard Widgets Stats (WCDS) plugin gives to the shop admin a set of very intuitive and detailed stats directly on the WordPress dashboard. All the stats you may need, at your fingertips!


user: demo
pass: demo


The idea behind the plugin is to have a set of tools by which the shop admin can see at once earnings per day, the most sold products and who are the most “spendthrift” customers.
With WCDS now you can!
The plugin adds a set of widgets directly to the WordPress dashboard. In this way the Shop admin can see at once current month Earning, Products and Customers stats!


WCDS will report all the stats on eye-catching and easy to read widget charts. Thanks to these views, the shop admin will have all the information in a clear, simple and immediate way!


Shop admin can also set custom time range and display data per day, month or year!




 - 1.4 - 13/11/15 = * Added day name on Earning widget when "daily" view type is selected  - 1.3 - 12/11/15 = * Https bug fix  = 1.2 - 11/11/15 = * Added flags on country list  = 1.1 - 05/11/15 = * Added link on product and customers list * Added Geographic Stats Widget  = 1.0 - 04/11/15 = * Release  

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WordPress Twitch Widget and Shortcode (Widgets)

Twitch WordPress Plugin

Twitch widget that allows you to embed video from Twitch.tv and shows all inforamtion about the stream to viewers. Super-fast and lightweight with three layout options.

Key Features rundown:

  • Can be easily set up in any WordPress Theme
  • Super-fast for your server and visitors
  • Custom Shortcode
  • Widget for sidebars
  • Takes advantage of native theme styles
  • Option to enable Twitch channel chat
  • Three different Layouts
  • Using latest version of Twitch API
  • Source quality and 60 fps of stream ready
  • Localization ready
  • 100% Responsive
  • Video Tutorial

Widget and Shortcode showing:

  • Title of the stream
  • Current viewers
  • Total favorites and views
  • Preview image of stream or stream video
  • Current channel twitch chat
  • Game currently played

Have a support or pre-sale question? Feel free to ask it in comments.
Have an idea for the next update? We’re always happy to hear your thoughts on new features.
You can also rate our plugin and follow us on Twitter.

Version history


 - Initial release 

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Image Widget (Widgets)

Key Features & Options

Image Slider

Full Responsive

Image gallery

Lightbox popup

image Link

Add Title

Youtube video[auto video image capture ]

Vimeo video [auto video image capture ]

Duplicate widget

Multi language : 9 language files can be found in language directory inside the plugin.

WPML Support

Supports override of template so that you can override the template for your theme

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Tabsy Tabbed Widgets Add-on (Add-ons)

Tabsy is a free smart responsive wordpress tabs plugin that is designed to fit on every container width beautifully.

Being able to insert wordpress contents, images and shortcodes are one of the best handy features you can utilize by the use of this amazing plugin.

Tabbed sections on a website can be very convenient. They allow you to break up a lot of information and put it into one small space. Readers are less overwhelmed that way and therefore more likely to hang around and check out what you have to offer. – from wpmudev blog post

Tabsy + Tabbed Widgets

So you are looking for Tabbed Widget Plugin that can display any available widgets on your site in a responsive way and you cannot find any good one? Well you can stop searching now! You’ve successfully found Tabsy, now you won’t be limiting your sidebar tabs to Popular, Recent, Comments and Tags Tabs only. You can now add any (yes any!) tabbed widgets such as Bio, Products, Genesis or Thesis Widgets, Social Sharing, Meta, Archives and much more, add any widget you want using this amazing brand new add-on! It will not only be responsively display but smartly responsive which means the tabs will automatically turn into responsive view if the tabbed content doesn’t fit your sidebar container, pretty amazing right?

SiteOrigin Page Builder + Tabsy Tabbed Widgets

Are you using SiteOrigin Page Builder on your site and you want to easily add Tabs on your contents? Well widgetized plugins cannot be completed without SiteOrigin compatibility I suppose, so I’ve made sure that it’s working perfectly on this 5-star page builder. Go ahead the try this add on and you’ll be amazed how it turns out to be a great widget addition!

Easy Steps to Get Started!

What are you waiting for? Get it now!

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