SPLENDIDA | Multipurpose template with Booking Wizard (Retail)

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Splendida is an HTML5 Multipurpose site template with Booking Wizard that start now with Hotel, SPA, Restaurant and Pickup service pre made demos…but you can create your own easly.

Main features

  • Valid and clean HTML5/CSS3 code
  • Bootstrap 3.3.5 Based: looks nice on all devices
  • Working PHP booking request with anti spam protection and autoreply (no SMTP)
  • Form wizard
  • Fantastic Font Icons with Retina support
  • Retina support ready
  • Supported By all major Browsers
  • Google Map
  • Google Web font
  • Weather Forecast Multilanguage widget
  • Bootstrap Datepicker
  • Bootstrap Timepicker
  • Customized drop down list

Images are not included.

Elite Author

SPLENDIDA Multipurpose template with Booking Wizard

V1.1 21 Jan 2016

- Added a SPA version - Added a Restaurant version 

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  • Customize each element
  • Different styles
  • Login as separate step if purchase only for registred users
  • Validation alert for each step


If you have any questions, please contact us profile page or email support AT festi DOT io

Also, if have any suggestions and ideas to make this plugin better, please write to us. If it will be interesting – we can do it FREE for you!

WooCart Pro


1.0 (August 25 2014) * First release

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QRcode wizard TinyMCE 4 for WP (Miscellaneous)

QRcode wizard TinyMCE for WordPress

WARNING can only be used with WordPress 3.9 or higher

A simple QRcode wizard for inserting QRcodes into your pages. This plugin use the API from api.qrserver.com and not the depreciated API from Google. All QRcodes will be saved into your uploads dir for optimized speed and if something happenings with the API your site will still be running.

After installing a new button will appear in the WYSIWYG (tinyMCE 4) editor from WordPress.
When using a color it will remember the color settings (and size with a cookie) so you don’t have to set the color again when making more then one QRcode image.

More formats ?

If you want more formats you can easily add them your self by editing the qrcode.html
See FAQs

Also check out this wiki about formats


Demo is the non WP version
Here a video for the WordPress demo
Here a WordPress output demo


First 1.0 release (aug 11 2014)

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Youtube search and place wizard for WordPress (Miscellaneous)

Youtube V3 API search and place wizard for WordPress

WARNING can only be used with WordPress 3.9 or higher

A plugin for the new tinyMCE 4 WYSIWYG editor for WordPress 3.9 (or higher).
( Build with Bootstrap )

Search for youtube video’s, autocomplete suggestions, see a preview and insert into the WordPress editor.
You can select some params like width, height, dark or light version. It will place an image placeholder and can be dragged to adjust the widht or height. After saving a small jquery script will replace the images to an youtube iframe.

A great and simple way to insert youtube video’s into your content or posts pages.

  • Look and feel like it is a native plugin
  • Youtube search suggestions
  • Your editors will love it
  • Don’t leave the editor to insert youtube video’s

API key

This app uses my V3 API key from youtube. If you want to get in control you better can get your own API key.
Got to https://console.developers.google.com/project and create your own API key.
After that go to /plugins/tinymce-youtube/youtube/js/youtube.js
and open in any editor. Change what you need (API key, default width, height) , save and upload


For now the non-wp version

Front end demo

Check out the video


2.0 Updated Youtube API to version 3 (aug 17 2014)
First 1.0 release (aug 12 2014)

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ANNOVA – Survey wizard (Specialty Pages)

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HTML5/CSS3 survey wizard with progress bar that send the result to your email. It’s responsive, can be used of other types of forms like registration process, you can add how many steps you need. It comes with a standalone version and a full version with more features.

Main features

  • Valid and clean HTML5/CSS3 code
  • Bootstrap 3 Based: looks nice on all devices
  • Wizard with progress bar
  • Wizard with branch support: user see different steps depending on the answer.
  • Tweet Feed Rotator
  • PHP page that send the survey data
  • Jquery validation
  • Jquery Switch input field (ON/OFF- YES/NO)
  • 360 Font Awesome Icons Retina Ready
  • SEO Friendly
  • Supported By all major Browsers – IE8 INCLUDED
  • Google Web Fonts
  • Standalone and Full version version
  • Images Carousel
  • Fancy jQuery Lightbox
  • Retina ready
  • PSD of the radio and checkboxes (shapes/resizable)

Images are not included, you can buy them from Photodune.

V1.3 – 31 January 2014

- New CSS Input Style Switcher IOs Style 

V1.2 – 18 December 2013

- Minor css js update 

V1.1 – 12 December 2013

- Branching support added - Fixed incrementer input field: move to top the plus button. 


- Initial Release

Survey Wizard

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