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  • WOOTABS Lite: Related Products/Posts Extra Tab (WooCommerce)

    Note : You don’t need to buy this plugin if you have bought Woocommerce Extra Tabs Pro version. Why we released Lite Versions? Maybe you ask why we released lite version when there is a Pro ? Well, we have many feedback about our Pro version that it is a must have plugin for every […]

  • WOOTABS Lite :: File Download (WooCommerce)

    Key Features System Requirement : Woocommerce Plugin Clean Design Responsive Layout Multisite Support WPML Plugin Support 2 different Tab Types Download : You can add files for download in this type of tab. Editor : In this type You’ll have an editor field which you can enter any content!! Some content are such as : […]

  • WooTabs WPML Addon (Add-ons)

    If you are already using the most successful Tabs plugin for WooCommerce: WooTabs and you are looking for 100% WPML Support then look no further. WMPL Addon plugin for WooTabs lets you do the following Translate all WooTabs strings Translate WooTabs Tab Titles 1-Minute Installation Make sure you have already installed and activated WooTabs Install […]