Admax User Interface (Admin Templates)

Admax User Interface features a very good looking, clean design, intuitive interface elements for an excellent UX, and a comprehensive collection of styles, widgets, functions, plugins, animations and icons.

NOTE: There’s no actual password required, enter any character to log in!

Customizing has never been so easy

Beyond it’s looks, Admax has a brain too! There are a lot of settings to customize, including a light or dark color scheme, navigation size and position, but you can also pick any colors for the sidebar and box headers. It also detects whether the color is light or dark and changes the text color accordingly.
And if that’s not enough, your settings are also saved locally, so everytime you refresh the page, your workspace is as you left it. Well, assuming your browser supports or is not blocking the local storage, but don’t worry, it will let you know if that’s the case.
Want to see for yourself? Just go to the dashboard page and click the settings button (bottom left corner of the first box). While you’re there, feel free to look around, there is much cool stuff to find :)

Main Features
  • Login page with a twist: click the user icon to open up the user select menu, or enter the username you want to be asked to register. Simple, but very effective
  • Simple and intuitive to use and customize
  • Beautiful and responsive design that will look good on most screen sizes and devices
  • Light or dark color scheme
  • Organized and well written code
  • Valid HTML5 and CSS3 files (except for some newer properties which are not fully implemented, but work in all modern browsers)
  • Smart and powerful functionality
  • 2000+ crisp font icons to choose from
Supported browsers

I have tested on Chrome (desktop and mobile), Firefox, Opera, Safari (desktop and mobile) and IE9+ without problems.


The documentation included should answer most questions, but I am happy to help you with any other support questions, feedback or suggestions you may have.

Update History
  • v1.0 – initial release

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