AUI – Responsive BS3 Admin Toolkit Template (Admin Templates)

AgileUI is a modern HTML/CSS/JS framework that can be used to create clean, responsive, fast and intuitive web apps.

Version 2.0 – released 12 November 2013

Todo listview
Tile buttonsview
New charts widgetview
Content boxes with tabs in headerview
Content boxes with colored top borderview
Toggle buttonsview
Custom toggle checkboxesview
Custom multiselect inputsview
New charts widgetview
WYSIWYG textareasview
Image cropperview
Multifile uploaderview
Dropzone uploaderview
Google mapsview
Vector mapsview
Forms input masksview
Full width calendarview
Input Knobsview
Youtube like loading barview
Upgraded FontAwesome icons to version 4.0.3

It has a modular architecture and it can be easily scaled for complex apps. It comes packed with over 20 jQuery plugins, 30 different elements types, 5 color schemes for the layout that can be combined with one of the 10 elements color schemes available.

Unlimited color schemes for layouts

You can choose between one of the 5 layouts available color schemes or you can create your own color schemes using the included transparent.css (create a brand new theme by modifying only the body background color).
Unlimited color schemes for layouts

Multiple color schemes for elements

The main content area elements, widgets and components like buttons, dropdowns, datepicker, sliders, etc can take their styling from three places: 1. From the active layout theme. 2. From the helper classes. 3. From one of the 5 included elements color schemes. The elements color schemes can be applied to any of the layout color schemes you selected.
Multiple color schemes for elements

Cross browser compatibility across multiple devices

The clean, modern AgileUI user interface comes with a great user experience across browsers from Internet Explorer 8 to the latest version of Google Chrome and across multiple devices, including tables, phones and desktops. The CSS3 features degrade gracefully for older browser versions.
AgileUI is cross browser compatible

The included helper classes can be used to create unique looking elements without bloating the CSS or JS files.

Because we like keeping the http requests to a minimum for fast loading pages, we added a fully configured Grunt.js file that will automatically generate production-ready CSS/JS files (minified, combined). Read more in the documentation files.

AgileUI uses Bootstrap 3, JQuery 1.10.2, JQuery UI 1.10.3 and up to date versions for any other plugin included.

The AUI assets directory (images, css, js, fonts, icons, theme files) has a very intuitive structure for easier management.

AgileUI Changelog

Version: 1.01 – released 19 October 2013

1. Fixed responsive bug for dashboard information boxes 2. Replaced ids from fixed layouts triggers with classes in all HTML files and layout.js 3. Added fixed layout trigger buttons to the sidebar 4. Improved the sidebar drop down js script in layout.js

Initial release: 1.0 – released 18 October 2013

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