Bonanzooka -Web Admin Page AngularJS Templating (Admin Templates)

Bonanzooka -Web Admin Page AngularJS Templating “Bonanzooka” is a fully responsive Web Admin Page built with AngularJS Routing and Templating. Since we are making a web admin page application and we don’t want any page refreshes, we’ll use Angular’s routing capabilities


  • No page refresh on page change
  • Easy to customize
  • The files more neat and structured
  • Not using pure Angular but combined with jQuery
  • Shorten the time of developing
  • The design is not made perfunctory


  • Responsive Design.Looks good on desktop, tablet and phone.
  • Web App(Single Page Application) Built with AngularJS. Fully AJAXpowered, never refresh the entire page again. Faster, smoother, cooler.
  • Built with Bootstrap 3.2.0
  • Valid HTML5and CSS3
  • Build with Less CSS(less files are included). For easy modification of theme.
  • Multiple page transitions.
  • Clean & Simple DesignWith a clean design and flat, this template does not seem complicated.
  • Cross Browsers
  • And much more.

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