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About Darkwell

The only Adobe Muse website template with Responsive sections AND Parallax Effects at the same time!

You don’t need to turn off your Parallax in order for Darkwell to be Responsive! You get three website versions, fluid sections in between and Parallax Effects Stay ON! Only with Darkwell!

The first template ever to come with 1200+ widgets and its entire content library!

Darkwell Multipurpose Muse template is the largest, most complete and the most valuable Muse template.

Darkwell Multipurpose Adobe Muse Template, It comes with 42 DEMOS, 400+ PAGES, 1200+ ADOBE MUSE WIDGETS, 17 PORTFOLIO STYLES, 17 SLIDERS, 77 ANIMATION STYLES, 58 SUPERB IMAGE HOVERS and soooo much more. This Creative Adobe Muse template brings revolutionary solution for every aspect of Muse Designing. This is your Ultimate Adobe Muse Tool for creating any website you can imagine. This Multipurpose Adobe Muse Theme contains so much elements that it will turn your Muse into a superior web production studio. It includes all sections and pages which you can combine to build unlimited websites. And if you don’t want to stop at 42 Demos and 400+ Page Designs, Darkwell includes more than a thousand content blocks which give you limitless design posibilities. Read on and see all amazing features this Muse Template offers.

With Muse Responsive, what Adobe didn’t tell you is that when switching to fluid layout you lose all parallax effects. Well, with Darkwell you get everything together! You get Desktop, Tablet and Phone version, you get responsive/fluid sections customly coded by Skilltech and, most importantly this is the only template where you get combined Responsive effects and Parallax effects.

This is the first true modular design Adobe Muse template. It lets you build anything block by block using beautiful Adobe Muse custom content sections with amazing animations and visual effects. Darkwell Adobe Muse theme comes with two muse files where you get an additional empty muse file with only the basics loaded which makes your workflow faster and speeds up Muse by letting you pick only the content sections you need from our massive Skilltech Adobe Muse Widgets Content Library. This makes darkwell the fastest large adobe muse template.

Darkwell is a professional Multipurpose Muse Template with Clean and Modern design and hundreds of custom features and pages. It’s easy to use and comes with all the latest features Muse can offer plus custom features some of which are unique to our theme like custom the latest Muse Widgets, CSS Animations, SnazzyMaps Muse Widget, 7 Icon fonts including FontAwesome, IcoMoon and more, Edge Animate Image Hovers Collection, CSS Image Hovers Adobe Muse Collection (they work instantly, no need to work in teo programs), AI Mock Ups, PSD Mock Ups, Ecwid Online Store (e-commerce), three custom online shop designs in total, Fullscreen Video Backgrounds Adobe Muse Widget, Skilltech Combo Slider Adobe Muse Widget(the first Muse slider that contains videos in slide show), Full Screen Slide Show Adobe Muse Widget, Hero Slider Adobe Muse Widget with custom layouts, ONE-CLICK Theme Color Change and more.

This Multipurpose Adobe Muse template also includes the Skilltech Combo Slider Widget for which means you can now insert videos in your slide shows inside Muse, and hero sliders inside Muse. It also includes Muse Hero Slider, Gradient Muse Slider, Big Text Muse Slider, Dynamic Color Changing Adobe Muse Hero Sections and 20 other Page Master sections for Adobe Muse.

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Features full list:

  • 41 Homepages Included
  • 400+ Individual Page Designs
  • 1200+ Adobe Muse Widgets – Darkwell Collection by Skilltech
  • 10000+ Ready-made Content Blocks
  • True Responsive – Content Adjusts to Browser Width!
  • Responsive & Parallax at the same time
  • 17 Portfolio Styles for Adobe Muse
  • 58 Image Hover Effects
  • 77 Animation Widgets
  • Drag and Drop Adobe Muse Site Builder
  • First True Modular Design Adobe Muse Template
  • 4 Parallax Adobe Muse Templates
  • 3 Adobe Muse Blog Templates
  • 2 Adobe Muse Magazine Tempaltes
  • 3 Adobe Muse Shop Templates
  • 4 Adobe Muse Boxed Website Templates
  • 8 Blog Post Page Templates
  • News Adobe Muse Template
  • Custom Ecwid E-commerce Theme for Adobe Muse
  • Video Backgrounds Adobe Muse Widget
  • Snazzy Maps Adobe Muse Widget
  • Revolutionary Darkwell Engine Widget that powers thousands of effects into Adobe Muse
  • Disqus Comments Adobe Muse Widget
  • SoundCloud Adobe Muse Widget
  • Navigation Menus Muse Widgets Collection
  • Footer Elements Muse Widgets Collection
  • Animations Muse Widgets Collection
  • Animated Counters Muse Widgets Collection
  • Page Openers Muse Widgets Collection
  • Hero Sliders Muse Widgets Collection
  • Accordions Adobe Muse Widget Collection
  • Audio and Video Players Adobe Muse Widget Collection
  • Animated Smooth Transition Buttons Adobe Muse Widgets Collection
  • Call to Action Sections Adobe Muse Widget Collection
  • Carousel Sliders Adobe Muse Widgets Collection
  • Contact Forms Adobe Muse Widgets Collection
  • Content Sections Adobe Muse Widgets Collection
  • Device Sliders Adobe Muse Widgets Collection
  • Google Maps Adobe Muse Widgets Collection
  • Icon Blocks Adobe Muse Widgets Collection
  • Icon Fonts Adobe Muse Widgets Collection
  • Image Galleries Adobe Muse Widgets Collection
  • Image Hovers Adobe Muse Widgets Collection
  • Lightboxes Adobe Muse Widgets Collection
  • Pricing Tables Adobe Muse Widgets Collection
  • Animated Progress Bars Adobe Muse Widgets Collection
  • Animated Skill Bars Adobe Muse Widgets Collection
  • Social Media Adobe Muse Widgets Collection
  • Social Media Icons Adobe Muse Widgets Collection
  • Tabbed Panels Adobe Muse Widgets Collection
  • Tables Adobe Muse Widgets Collection
  • Team Members Adobe Muse Widgets Collection
  • Testimonials Adobe Muse Widgets Collection
  • Never Before Seen Rollover Effects – Advanced Animated Rollovers
  • Responsive Muse Template (adjusts to Desktop, Tablets and Phones)
  • Parallax Website
  • HTML Files Included
  • ALL elements have smooth state transitions
  • Revolutionary Combo Slider – Insert Videos into Slide Shows!!!
  • Skilltech Hero Slider included
  • Full Screen Video Background Template
  • ONE-CLICK Theme Color Change!
  • Video Walkthroughs
  • One Page Designs
  • Multi-Page Designs
  • Inner Pages Included
  • Phone Version
  • Tablet Version
  • Beautiful Design
  • Build Unlimited Websites
  • Custom & Superb CSS3 Effects and animations
  • Pricing-Shopping Page
  • E-commerce store included (Ecwid)
  • Darkwell Store – Custom Ecwid Template Included (unique online store design)
  • SnazzyMaps (custom Google maps in theme colors)
  • Full Width Design (100% Width)
  • Fluid Width Adobe Muse Template (Custom fluid width sections)
  • 2951 Icons Included with 7 Icon Fonts
  • SEO Friendly
  • Animated Rollover Image Effects (CSS3)
  • Text, Image and Button CSS3 Animations
  • Instant JavaScript Animated Counters
  • 3 AI MockUps Included
  • 2 PSD MockUps Included
  • News Section
  • Beautiful, Multipurpose Portfolio/Projects/Photo Gallery Section
  • Parallax Backgrounds Muse Template
  • Predefined Paragraph Styles
  • Predefined Link Styles
  • Predefined Graphic Styles
  • Smart Composition Use
  • Multi-layered Compositions
  • User Activated Animations
  • 5 Individual Service Page Layouts
  • 3 Services Page Layouts
  • 3 About Us Page Designs – About Us, About Me, About Team
  • 3 Contact Us Page Designs
  • 2 Features Layouts
  • 3 Support Page Layouts
  • Image Blog Post Page Design Included
  • YouTube Video Blog Post Page Design Included
  • Vimeo Video Blog Post Page Design Included
  • SoundCloud Audio Blog Post Page Design Included
  • Image Slider Blog Post Page Design Included
  • Image Gallery Blog Post Page Design Included
  • 100% Width Blog Post Page Design Included
  • Full Width Blog Post Page Design Included
  • Quote Blog Post Page Design included
  • Blog Sidebar Widgets Included
  • 404 Page
  • Extra Elements (Build More With Our HUGE Elements Collection)
  • 9 Portfolio Homepage Designs including Vertical menu Full Responsive
  • 8 Portfolio Page Layouts
  • News Page and News Single Story Page
  • Features Page and Single Feature Inner Page Included
  • Careers Page Included – Let people apply for jobs
  • Variety of blank pages included
  • Different Menu Types available
  • Support Pages including FAQ, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy included
  • Coming Soon Page Included
  • Amazing button animations – Swipe Buttons, Fade Buttons and more…
  • Animated Icons
  • Tabbed Panels
  • Accordion Panels
  • Bulleted Lists
  • Numbered Lists
  • Additional Content Sections
  • Optimized For Fast Loading
  • 24/7 Support
  • Extensive Documentation

Our template comes with full all day support. If you have any questions or problems regarding this Muse Template, our team will be at your disposal 24/7.

ALL delivered images used in the design are licensed under CC0 so you are free to do whatever you want with them (commercial use included).

Some of the images included in the preview will not be included in delivery files.

All company logos belong to their respective owners.

Latest Version

1.0 – Darkwell – Version 1 – March 20 2016

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