Explore + StampReady Builder (Email Templates)


What you’ll get

StampReady compatible template
MailChimp compatible template
Campaign Monitor compatible template
Documentation of both the Template and StampReady Dashboard

Template Features

Mobile Responsive
12 draggable modules
Compatible with StampReady, MailChimp & Campaign Monitor
Tab-indent written HTML for better reading

Editor Features

Export to desktop
Unlimited structures and exports
Drag & Drop editor
WYSIWYG editor
Built in code editor
Mobile preview (simulation)
Duplicate modules
Delete modules
Switch modules
Change background images
Build your template from the ground up without any coding knowledge :shocked:
Send your newsletter
Send test emails
Track your newsletter by live analytics
Save your work on your account
Free registration
Import subscribers
Export subscribers as XML file

The StampReady editor is free to use, but not required.


The images we’ve used are from the Unsplash website.

Some quotes that makes us smile


Q. How many times can I use this template?
A. As many as you like, as long as you use it for one client. That’s what the ‘single license’ reads. Want to use it for a lot clients – or want to include this template in your service – definitely buy the extended license, which should cover you from licensing.

Q. Is StampReady required?
A. Not quite. But it makes your life a little less complex. And you might live longer due to headache prevention.

Q. I bought the template. Now what do I do?
A. Make sure to register a StampReady account – it’s free! If you dig MailChimp or Campaign Monitor, make sure you create one of those. From here just import the template and you’re good to edit/send.

Q. I found a bug in your editor.
A. Shoot and email to support[at]stampready.net and we help you out.

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