Expo (Tumblr)

Expo is atomic minimalism. It’s a lightweight portfolio with no complication or clutter: simply a gorgeous, horizontally-scrolling feed with clear gallery organization. No junk, and no distractions: just your work.


• Expo is an ultra-light minimalist portfolio theme. It supports image, photoset and video posts only. • Easily sort posts into collections by tagging them and grouping them in the navigation menu. • Connect your Instagram and Flickr accounts to view your photos in stunning, full-size feeds. • Customize your photosets’ permalink pages with Expo’s optional stacked photosets.


Stack Photosets

By default, Expo will display photosets on their permalink pages as you’ve arranged them when posting. However, Expo’s “Stack Potosets” option will “stack” a photoset, removing photoset formatting and simply displaying all images in a vertical “stack” on the page.

Galleries Dropdown

Expo employs our gallery dropdown, which uses your posts’ tags to group your posts together. Simply check the “Show Galleries in Dropdown” option in the customization screen, and then enter the tags with which you’d like to group posts into the “Gallery Tags” field in the customization options.

For example, say you wanted to create collections of posts with painted art, and posts with bacon. Simply tag your painting posts with “Painting” and your bacon with “Bacon.” Then, head to the customization options and enter “Painting, Bacon” into the “Gallery Tags” field. Save your work, and you’ll have two crisp new collections in your “Galleries” menu when you refresh the page. You also can re-name this menu to anything you’d like in the “Gallery List Label” field in the customization options.

Responsive Layout

Expo’s layout will resize and adjust to virtually any size browser, and looks fantastic on iPads and other tablets.

Hideable Controls

If you want a truly minimal feed, Expo’s Search, Random, and Archive buttons can be disabled in the customization options.

Instagram Feed

Unlike many other themes, Expo’s Instagram feed gets its own full-size feed. When toggled, a small text link appears on your homepage. To enable Instagram functions on your blog, go here and follow the instructions to obtain your Instagram Access Token. Copy it and then paste it into the identically-named field in the customization options.

Flickr Feed

Similar to the Instagram feed, Expo can also be configured to display recent images added to your Flickr account, and gets its own full-size feed. When toggled, a small text link appears on your homepage. Simply input your Flickr ID (retrievable here) into the corresponding field in the customization options, choose how many photos you’d like displayed, and you’re all set.

Facebook Commenting

Expo supports Facebook commenting. Setting up FB comments is easy: simply input your Facebook username and you’re set. However, to enable administrative functions on your comments, try the following: • First, head to the Facebook Developer site and either create a new account or sign in if you already have one. Once you’re logged in, click “Create New App.” • Input any name you’d like for your hypothetical app (you’re not actually making one, don’t worry), do the safety dance, and click Continue. From here, you should be taken to your new app’s info page. • Copy the App ID located just below your app’s name (at the top of the page) and you’re all set. Now head back to your blog and input your API ID into the “Facebook API ID” field in the customization sidebar, and make sure you’ve checked “Facebook Comments On.”

Disqus Commenting

Expo also supports Disqus commenting, setup by inputting your Disqus shortname into the corresponding field in the customization options.

Scrolling Options

Expo offers either pagination (default) or Click-to-Load infinite scroll (no “full” or auto-loading infinite scroll).

Premium Support 

Each one of our themes comes fully backed by our dedicated support team. We’re good people, with real faces, and we like what we do. We’ve also created a help centre, so you can get help at any hour of the day. Send us an email or tweet, and we’ll respond as soon as we can (PST).

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