FarmCharm–404, Coming Soon, Under Construction. (Specialty Pages)

“Farm Charm” is a lovely set of 3 simple speciality pages: 404, Coming Soon and Under Maintenance. It comes as HTML pack and WordPress pack.


  • Handmade background image (included)
  • Google Search Box (test the demo) for 404 page (HTML pack)
  • Countdown and sliding About Us block for Coming Soon page
  • Fits fairly well any screen resolution
  • Easy navigation with keyboard
  • Landmarks / ARIA roles (for people with disabilities)

Tests and technical details

  • OS: Windows, Mac (Leopard), iOS7
  • Browsers: latest versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, Safari mobile
  • Help file: PDF format
  • HTML validation errors: 0


  • Images used: background collage–compiled by me, logo mock up–GraphicBurger
  • Fonts: Alegreya, Condiment
  • Icons: GraphicsFuel (included)

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