FLAT PLUS – Web App & Admin Panel Template (Admin Templates)

FLAT PLUS – Web Application Interface

FLAT PLUS admin theme is a lightweight and modular Bootstrap Admin Template with tons of elements ready to be used as your next website app or admin interface. FLAT PLUS is build on Bootstrap 3.0 and is fully responsive.

  • 1600+ Font Icons worth $258 View Icons
  • Multiple Sidebar menu & Top menu Styles
  • Built on Twitter Bootstrap 3.0
  • Modular components
  • CSS Animations
  • Built with LESS
  • Fully Responsive Template
  • Layout APP (100% Height) – Inbox Page

Current Version 1.2.3 – 20.01.2014

  • Added: Modal Compose Email
  • Added: Modal Credit Card
  • Improved: Modals examples and style;
  • Added: Forum Section
    • Forum Overview Page
    • Forum Post Page
  • Added: Questions & Answers section
    • Questions Listing
    • Answers page
  • Added: 4 x Pricing Tables;
  • Improved: Support Tickets page; added custom checkboxes;
  • Added: Knowledge Base Page
  • Added: Filterable Portfolio / Video Gallery

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History – Previous versions

Version 1.2.2 – 07.01.2014

  • Added: Events page (See preview)
  • Added: Contacts page (See preview)
  • Added: PSD with Layout and Menu
  • Fixed: Photo & Video galleries
  • Improved: Primary Navbar Aesthetics

Version 1.2.0 – 04.01.2014

  • Updated: Collapsible sidebar main menu
    • New styling (fonts, sizes, icons)
    • Auto-close active collapsibles when opening another submenu
    • Removed the sidebar-mini option in favor of fully featured menu with a show/hide toggle (desktop & mobile)
    • Auto toggle the sidebar menu when viewport size changes (e.g. when you resize the browser to mobile)
  • Updated: Bootstrap v3.0.3
  • Improved: core styles & scripts
    • rewrite of core.init.js
    • removed unused resources from core
    • separated dropdowns styling into it’s own LESS file (dropdowns.less)
    • functionality previously found in core.init.js for the sidebars moved to separate files (e.g. sidebar.main.init.js, sidebar.collapsible.init.js)
    • LESS styling for the main navbar, previously found only in menus.top.less, separated into multiple LESS files (e.g. menus.navbar.common.less, menus.navbar.default.less, menus.navbar.primary.less, menus.navbar.inverse.less)
  • Added: Support / Tickets page (See preview)
  • Added: Profile / Resume page (See preview)
  • Added: Surveys page (See preview)

Version 1.1.0 – 06.12.2013

  • Added: IE8 Support
  • Added: Invoice page
  • Added: Bookings page
  • Added: Medical Dashboard page
  • Added: Medical Patients page
  • Added: Medical Appointments page
  • Added: Medical Memos page
  • Added: Medical Metrics page
  • Added: Edit account page
  • Added: Online Shop Products List page
  • Added: Online Shop Edit Product page
  • Added: Dropdowns & Badges to content tabs (eg. on Dashboard navigation – Inbox, Financial, Account, etc);
  • Fixed: Alerts scroll visibility on Dashboard from browsers on Windows
  • Fixed: Top navbar style issues (hovers, spacings, text color)
  • Fixed: WYSIHTML5 modals (insert link & insert image)
  • Improved: Overall aesthetics (Adjusted spacings, widgets, default dark sidebar, default primary topnav, default wide sidebar with an icons only option / sidebar toggle)

Version 1.0.0 – 02.12.2013

  • Initial Release

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