Kahini – A Ghost Theme for Every Blogger (Ghost Themes)

Kahini offers an ideal framework to present your stories, helping you to engage your audience effortlessly across browsers and devices. With customizable header photos, stylized blockquotes, typographic niceties, section separators and much more you are well equipped to present narratives that communicate your thoughts evocatively.


Offer a Delightful Surfing Experience — Utilize the advantages of manually triggered infinite scroll, permalink navigation and thoughtful transitions.

Showcase a Personalized Blog — Add a logo and customize cover photos to suit the tone.

Capture the Imagination — Use the lightbox effect to open images in a larger and more attractive frame. Embed videos within a post to share poignant moments of your life and fascinate your audience.

Optimize Your Articles for the Web — Highlight key phrases with stylized blockquotes, make use of beautiful drop caps and small caps, add feature images, separate thematically different sections of your posts with stylized horizontal tags or organize your content with a distinct visual hierarchy. Let the design and typography provide a pleasurable reading experience.

Augment Your Social Presence — Link your Ghost blog to your wider social existence on the web.

Create a Nimble & Attractive Blog Make use of custom pages, responsive videos, featured posts, custom navigation, author and tag pages with cover images and social sharing buttons in the responsive and retina device friendly design framework of Kahini.

Note: The latest version of Ghost is supported by Kahini.

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