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Theme Details

Mellum is a retro-ish, fully responsive blogging Kirby CMS theme. It has several awesome features, such as Disqus powered comments, featured images and videos within posts, a filterable blog section, a custom RSS feed, and many more. It comes with a preconfigured Kirby CMS setup and is completely integrated with the Kirby Panel. With this all set up for you, your site is up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Preconfigured Kirby CMS Setup

Mellum comes integrated with a preconfigured setup of Kirby CMS. You don’t have to deal with questions like “Where to put these theme files?!?” or “Is this configuration file in the right place?”.

Kirby Panel Ready

Mellum is as ready for the Kirby Panel as a theme could be. It includes all the blueprints you need to start filling your website with your awesome content comfortably. In fact, Kirby Panel is already installed within your preconfigured Kirby CMS setup.

Blog Section

Mellum features a configurable blog section that waits to be filled with your latest news, thoughts and web findings. It has the option to add featured images or videos to your posts which will be displayed beautifully. Of course your blog is split up to multiple pages if you want to (pagination); display as many posts per page as you like. You can even add tags to your posts and let your visitors filter your blog by these tags.

Pages Section

Every website needs the ability to have “static” pages, whether you have to add an imprint or you want to tell your visitors about yourself. With Mellum you surely have the option to add as many pages as you like.


Setting up Disqus comments for your Kirby / Mellum powered website is a breeze! Just enter your pages “Disqus shortname” and your ready to go.

Additional Features

  • Posts RSS feed
  • Sitemap.xml generation
  • Includes the live preview page as demo project
  • Includes all SASS / Compass source files
  • Free updates
  • Free support

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With your purchase of Mellum you’ll get free updates.

Version 1.0.3

  • Updated Kirby Panel to version 0.9#58adb382c0
  • Updated help file

Version 1.0.2

  • Added missing blueprints for Sitemap and Error templates
  • Updated help file

Version 1.0.1

  • Updated config file explanations
  • Updated help file

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial Release

Wait! What the heck is Kirby?

Kirby is an awesome file-based CMS that doesn’t require a database. It’s absolutely easy to set up and to use while beeing extremely flexible. You’re up and running in less than 5 minutes.

A friendly reminder: Kirby CMS is free to use locally. However, once you go live you must purchase a license (currently about $ 39). To learn more, visit

Credits / Thanks

Thanks to Bastian Allgeier for his awesome work on Kirby CMS and Kirby Panel.

Thanks to IcoMoon for the incredible range of icon fonts.

Thanks to Daniel Nanescu for his nice and free stock images.

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