MY FOLIO – Responsive Drupal Photography Theme (Portfolio)

MY FOLIO for Drupal 7 is a responsive, retina-ready, photography / portfolio theme. MyFolio contain many tools, integrated with drupal administration interface to allow easy website building and content management.

Tools and Features

  • Myfolio Modules package modular package of feature modules provide Ready to use
    • Full Content types
    • Custom Views
    • Image Styles
    • Custom Field Formatters
    • Fields that let users to select styles per single node
  • Single Page mechanism based on Drupal’s Main Menu. Any page that added to main menu will also become section of the Single Page Website.
  • Reach Theme settings page allows many point and click configurations.
  • Fields that allow content editors to set style related parameters from node edit forms. Allow to change styles per single node.
  • “MyFolio Help” menu link to myfolio documantation apears by default in admin toolbar.

“Myfolio Starter” Installation Profile / Distribution

installation Profile will save you time and effort with the initiall website setup and configuration. Install your new drupal installation using “Myfolio Starter” instead of “Standard” will let you start new website based on Myfolio Demonstration Website.

Style related Fields allow style settings per single node

“MyFolio Help” menu link in admin toolbar. MyFolio documentation integrated with Drupal’s Help System

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