SprFlat – Responsive Admin Template (Admin Templates)

SprFlat is responsive admin template powerded by awesome Twitter Bootstrap 3.1.1 Framework. SprFlat is perfect tool for any custom web admin interface, cms, custom app and more.

Designed to be user friendly, and easy for modification, looks good in phones, tablets, and large hd screens. Save your developent time using this awesome tool. Packed with more that 40 plugins and pages.

Many updates are planning like – Frontend template, One page Template, Comming Soon template and more. Feel free to ask for your favorite plugin or feature.

Full feature list for sprflat template

  • Responsive design
  • 3 columns layout (left sidebar, content ,right sidebar)
  • Full compatible with bootstrap 3
  • Fixed header, fixed sidebar, hided sidebar
  • Integrated flot charts – Lines, bars, ordered bars, pie chart, with tooltips and autoupdate content
  • Jquery sparklines – bars, lines, pies
  • Form Elements
    • Text fields – with autofocus, predefined value, password metter, readonly and disabled fields, with tooltips, min and max lenght, help blocks, with icons, success input, warning input, error input, small height, large height, grid inputs, appended group, preapend group, with buttons, with dropdowns, tags, fileupload
    • Predefined width – input-mini, input-small, input-medium, input-large, input-xlarge
    • Masked inputs – Phone field, date field, ssn field, product key, eye script, percent
    • Textarea – Normal, elastic textarea, with input limit
    • Selects – Simple select, multiselect, simple select with filter ( select2 ), multiselect with filter, Dual list boxs
    • Checkboxes – checked, unchecked, disabled, check all checkboxes, inline checkboxes
    • Radios – normal, disabled radio , inline radios
    • Switches – on/of, disabled states
    • Spinners – basic spinner, decimal spinner, curency spinner, time spinner
    • Pickers – Date and time picker, date range picker, color pickers, flat color pickers
  • Form Layouts – Horizontal form, vertical form, with group dividers ( group border), hoverstripped
  • Form Validation – required field, email field, min and max value field, password field, range field, url validation, date validation, number validation, text area, credit card validation, checkbox validation, file upload validation ( including size), select2 validation
  • Form wizard – wizard with steps (nice icons in steps), without steps, horizontal and vertical wizard, wizard with validation.
  • WYSIWYG editor – tinymce wysiwyg editor, in panel box, in modal
  • Tables
    • Static tables – basic table, stripped table, hover table, bordered table, responsvie table, non responsive table
    • Data tables – basic data tables, with tabletools
  • Notification messages – static messages, callout messages, dynamic messages, regular, info,success and error messages, sticky messages.
  • Panels
    • Color variations – panel default, panel info, panel success, panel warning, panel danger, panel primary, panel dark, panel purple, panel pink, panel brown, panel lime, panel magenta
    • Plain panels in every color
    • Other variations – closed by default, panel with icon, panel with label, panel with badge, panel with searchfield, panel with progressbar, panel with bars and sparklines, panel with button, panel with checkbox, panel with select, panel with toggle button ( switches ), panel with horizontal scrollbar and vertical scrollbar, nested panels
  • Tiles – all colour variations like panels, with count numbers ( numbers count from 0 to desired digit), 2 variations.
  • Tabs – normal tabs, justified tabs, tabs with tab drop function
  • Accordions – accordion toggle, and only toggle
  • Progressbars – normal variations, stripped variations, 12 predefined colours, circular variations with icons, percents
  • Sliders – basic slider, with steps, range slider, vertical slider
  • Tooltips – tooltip on left, tooltip on top, tooltip on right, tooltip on bottom
  • Popovers – popover on left, popover on top, popover on right, popover on bottom
  • Modals – short modal, long modal, no footer modal, no header modal, no header and footer modal, large modal, small modal, alert modal, confirm modal, prompt modal.
  • Wells – normal well, small well, large well
  • Pills – basic pills, stacked pills, justified pills
  • Paginations – pager, pager with align links, complex paginations
  • Carousels, labels and badges
  • Icons – icomoon pack, brocolidry pack, meteo pack, steadysets pack, entypo pack, fontawesome pack, skycons pack 10 animated weather icons
  • Buttons – small buttons, normal buttons, large buttons, button block, with icons, alternative style, 12 colors, split buttons, with dropdown, with dropup, round buttons.
  • Calendar – calendar with drop events, with predefined events.
  • Bootstrap grid system
  • Lists – Unorder list, unstyled list, description list, horizontal description list, list group, listgroup with links
  • Email app – inbox, collapsible sidebar, write message and send message.
  • File manager
  • Gallery with filter and lightbox
  • Widgets – Video widget, weather widget, blogpost widget, isntagram widget, twitter widget, chat widget, recent users widget, todo widget, page views widget, earning stats widget
  • Maps – google maps, route google maps, geo location google maps, vector maps
  • Timeline page
  • Invoice page
  • Profile page
  • Search page
  • Blank page
  • Login page , lockscreen page
  • Error pages – error 400, error 401, error 403 ,error 404, error 405, error 500, error 503, offline page


Version 1.0.1 (22.05.2014)
  • Update tinymce plugin ( decrease loading time )
  • Update jquery checkAll plugin
  • Update JQuery and JQuery UI to last version
  • Add Retina Ready support
  • Add Landing page
  • Add Waypoint plugin to trigger animation on scroll
  • Added scrollbar on header dropdowns in small screens
Version 1.0.0 (13.05.2014)
  • v1.0.0 – Initial release

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