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Finojaho WordPress Theme

Aug 11th 2012, 18:17

Finojaho is a 2 column, blue colored wordpress theme. The theme support widgets and includes theme options. Finojaho is designed to support multiple languages. If you are interested, you may help me to get the theme translated into your own language. To do so, please download the theme and open the lang folder. Open the file using PoEdit and sent me the translated file. I will update them accordingly. Look at the demo site for a feel of the theme.

Recommended Plugin

This theme works well with the following plugin:

  1. WP-PageNavi – Provides a clean, numbered navigation.

Theme Features

  1. Build in FlickR code. You may add your own FlickR ID or if you don’t have an account on FlickR, then you may show public pictures. Simply add the FlickR widget and set to show public pictures and add your keywords. This feature is good if you want to share popular pictures on roses+red or travel+pictures or cd+covers. Please remember to set the keyword just as i have shown them (eg. travel+pictures).
  2. Built in Twitter code. Just add the Twitter widget and add your (or someone else) Twitter user name and you are done.
  3. Better Recent post. It handles thumbnails automatically. The thumbnail will search for image tag (either local files or external files) and collects the relevant alt and description tag as well.
  4. Better Recent Comment code. Nicely done to make even short comments look good.
  5. Drop down version for Pages, Archives and Categories. If you are one of those regular bloggers, then you would have a long list of archives or categories. This can neatly display them in a functional way.
  6. About Me on the sidebar. On the sidebar, just after the search form you can customize a small About Me/Website. You can a short description about you or your website. You can add a picture as well.
  7. Support for ads. Built in support for Adsense or any other ad code (you will need to cut and paste the code if its not adsense).
  8. Support for 125 banner ads. Simple way to add advertising revenue to your website.
  9. Previous and Next post. Small summary/excerpt for previous and next post. Thumbnail is inserted automatically, no worries here.
  10. Related post and related categories. Visitors can quickly find similar post with out having to search or browse your site.
  11. Stand out comment form. It is designed to invite everyone to post a comment.
  12. Share button. Clutter free, easy to share button. Looks great and functional. Oh yeah, multilingual as well.


So far, i have only tested it with WordPress version 2.8.4 and above and i do not see any problems. If you are using version 2.8.3 and lower, please upgrade your wordpress as there is a serious security problem. Upgrade to save yourselves a lot of trouble.


Got any, then just leave a comment below and i will see how i can add them.

Thank You List

In completing the theme, these guys provided free resources and they include:

  1. Related Posts and Categories without plugin by Binny VA. Its modified a bit to meet the themes requirement.
  2. Recent Comments without plugin by Baki Goxhaj. Modified to meet theme requirement.

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