DW TinyMCE Imgur Upload – WordPress Plugin (Add-ons)

DW Tinymce Imgur Upload is a WordPress plugin, which helps you directly upload the image you want to the WordPress Editor with just one click.

Instead of uploading the images to a third source, say: imgur.com, puu.sh, prnt.sc, etc. then pasting the image’s URL to the WordPress Editor, now with this awesome plugin, all you have to do is to press Imgur Icon, choose the photo you like. Voila! Everything is perfect! :)

Integrated with WP Editor

You can upload the images in the WordPress Editor section. This plugin works well with the WordPress editor in the Dashboard.

Supporting the Comment Form

DW Tinymce Imgur Upload creates a new comment form in the single post, with an eye-catching page plus the Upload button.

Uploading Images via Ajax

Super fast, super convenient in uploading the images. No page loading is needed.

Supporting DW Question & Answer

Works perfectly with the editor box of DW Question & Answer.

Saving Host Bandwidth

With the help of DW Tinymce Imgur Upload, your localhost’s storage doesn’t contain images, therefore saving spaces for data.

Now you have known about the COOL features of DW Tinymce Imgur Upload, it’s time to give it a try.

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