Embed System for WordPress (Social Networking)

Embed System extends your WordPress website by allowing you to make embeddable sections. Loads only the scripts you want while maintaining all content created from the panel. Social giants use similar methods like this to deliver their content to other sites by allowing users to copy an iframe code and embed the content to other sites.

Youtube: embeddable video player Soundcloud: embeddable music player Twitter: embeddable tweets Vevo: embeddable video player

Live examples:

Normal Post: http://codenift.com/demo/embedsystem/hello-world/ Embeddable content in the post: http://codenift.com/demo/embedsystem/e/hello-world/

Sample Page: http://codenift.com/demo/embedsystem/sample-page/ Embeddable content in Sample Page: http://codenift.com/demo/embedsystem/p/sample-page/

  • Create embeddable sections with custom name slugs
  • Load only necessary scripts
  • Automatically generates Iframe codes to be embedded into external sites
  •  Support for Custom Post Types and Pages
  • Embed System Content meta box for post and pages (Useful if you want to pass custom content to the template)
  • Allow only certain domains to embed your content, option to set a release date so that all sites can embed your content after (Useful if you want to offer exclusive content to just a few domains). An unavailable message can be added as-well.
  • Maintenance mode control with custom message
  • Import/Export settings
  • Auto Updates

You will need basic knowledge in PHP (it’s really just copy and paste work..) and takes less than 5 minutes to get a theme ready. We suggest you use a child theme if working on a theme from ThemeForest.com. We included a sample child theme with working examples showing how easily it is done.

Support is available!


v1.0.0 – 4-7-2014

  • Initial Release

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