Plugin Composer for WordPress (Add-ons)

Compose a WordPress plugin with basic HTML/CSS knowledge only – No PHP knowledge required!

Install this plugin in your WordPress website and use a simple form to compose a plugin that a non-technical person can easily use. The only things you need to compose a plugin are knowledge of basic Wordress & HTML / CSS and absolutely NOTHING ELSE!

For example, you like a ‘photo gallery’ and this gallery is only available in HTML/CSS but you want to add this to your WordPress site and you want the admin of your site to change contents (add/delete photos, titles, etc.) of this gallery through wp-admin. Using this plugin, you can easily do this – compose a plugin without using PHP/mySQL and then this plugin you have composed can be used by the wp-admin to add/delete/update items in the gallery.

Sample HTML plugins created using Plugin Composer:

  1. Property Listing
  2. Blog Posts
  3. Our Team
  4. Lightbox Gallery
  5. Employee (Table)
  6. FAQs
  7. Grid

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