Progress Map, List & Filter – WordPress Plugin (Add-ons)

Progress Map, List & Filter is an extension of Progress Map WordPress Plugin. The “List & Filter” plugin allows you to switch “Progress Map” carousel to a list but this is not all, the plugin provides various powerful features that will boost up your site. The plugin provide an advanced search tool that allows to explore listings by applying multiple filters. You can filter using multiple taxonomy terms (categories) and/or multiple custom fields.

Beside the filter, the plugin provide another tool that allows to sort listings based on multiple orders. The sort tool is not limited to the default options (“A to Z”, “Z to A”, …) of the plugin, you can add unlimited custom options based on your custom fields (e.g. “sort by price”, “sort by surface”, etc …).

List items can be displayed as grid and/or list. Every element in the plugin can be adjusted from the settings pages. All actions are handled using AJAX. There are other features that i’ll let you discover yourself by trying the demo. Enjoy & have fun!

To use this plugin, you must install “Progress Map WordPress Plugin”!

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