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About WordPress Content Locker Plugin

WordPress Content Locker is a brilliant enhancement to wordpress plugins which allows locking / unlocking important content on your business website Or Blog and displays it for subscribed users only. All you have to do is wrap up your protected content with shortcode [locker wb=”2”] If users want to view the content placed at your business website, public or private blog then they must submit their Email Address | Phone Number Or Can Unlock via sharing that content at social media.

Enjoy Unlimited Features Of WordPress Content Locker Plugin

WordPress Content Locker easily Lock your website content and if users want to view this content they must do as this plugin asks them to. After successful submission by user all locked content will become visible. It’s workflow is very simply, very easy to install and navigate, even a lay man can do that. All submitted details SMS | Email | Social Media Sharing is saved in a database and can be re-submitted to Mail Chimp, Spark Post, My Mail, A Weber & Mad Mini. All saved data in this plugin can easily be exported as .csv to be used for email blast / e-marketing purpose. WordPress Content Locker is a perfect way to grow your email list, grow audience & grow your company / blog audience via social media

Social Media Icons On Every Page

You must give individuals a reason why they need to simply just click social media sharing or like buttons on your page. Even if individuals really like your content, website or blog, they don’t simply select the control buttons because they don’t want to share that precious knowledge with their friends or family via social media and you get traffic at your website in return

People need something extra to ignite their passion and bring them to activity

Latest Innovation Feature Image

1- Social Media Unlock

Social Media Unlock Featured Image Ask people to pay with a facebook like, re-tweet, +1share, Pinit, Linkedin share to access your websites content. In such way you generate audience and that’s a major benefit these days to derive traffic at your website / blog through this amazing plugin.

(Note: Instagram and You-tube will be added soon)

2- Mobile SMS Unlock

Mobile SMS Unlock Feature Image Mobile Phone SMS Unlock Featured Image Unlock Content Via SMS At Cell Phone With wordpress content locker plugin you can place a custom form as well. All you need to do is select the part of your content that you want to lock, click a button and you’re done. User will have to input his / her cell phone number and with custom third party integrations mobile code will be forwarded to that designated number. User have to submit that code into input field and that content will be unlocked.

3- Unlock Content Via Email

Unlock Content Via Email Image After successful submission of code received via email all locked content become visible. All submitted data is secured in it’s database which can used in future for promotional purpose like email marketing, news letter sending, Data can also be exported as .csv file.


1. Like any other word-press plugin it’s Installation and activation is very easy. All you have to do is purchase it and you’ll receive main files. Upload at your website or blog. Click on activate button as the way you’ve activated your other plugins. Once enabled / activated. It will create a menu at left side of your dashboard. (WordPress Content Locker) in the admin area.

2. Click left side at “WordPress Content Locker >>> Settings” and do required settings. Change Content Lock Mode (Unlock Via Email) (Emai Via SMS) (Unlock Via Social Media), You can change auto responder, bulk email, bulk sms parameters as well.

3. Simply just open any page / post and by clicking on edit page wrap up the entire content with shortcode. [locker wb=”2”].

Now you are all set. Enjoy this plugin and grow traffic at your Website / Blog

Outstanding Features Of WordPress Content Locker

1. Drives Social Media Traffic

Drives Social Media Traffic

WordPress Content Lovker will add organic and targeted traffic to your website, blog or your landing page. Whenever a user likes, shares, tweets / re-tweets, pinit or share your page at any social media to get access to the content you locked, their friends see it and some of them will visit your website. That will repeat again and again and will help in enhancing and growing your social media presence as well.

2. Build Quality Fans & Followers

Builds Quality Fans And Followers

Every website or business man wishes to build a great fan following. Though many seo professionals, blogger and e-marketing entrepreneurs knows how difficult it is to get fans and followers, especially for new websites with a low budget. But it’s not any more. With wordpress content locker you can easily track your audience phone number, email address and can get every customer / visitor at your site to follow your instructions. This Outstanding plugin will keep your audience in the loop and build loyalty. Simply just lock some valued content and tell visitors that content is only available for subscribers, fans & followers

3. Enhance Credibility And Improve SEO Presence:

Enhance Credibility And Improve SEo Presence

These days ranking up your business website or blog is one of the most difficult things to do in this competitive modern world. With the passage of time Google algorithm updates are making it very difficult for new websites and blogs to rank in SERPS very easily. Only those business websites or blogs got higher rankings in search engines who have huge traffic (through mobile, social media, emails, organically or through any other means. Emails, Social Media And Mobile all 3 are phenomenal factors which has a significant influence at users. You can track your audience via all three means and can get huge results in SEO.

4- Grab Audience Attention Via Social Networks

These days social media networks plays an important role in promoting any business website or blog and if somehow a company or a website lack of social media audience then it’s time to think about it and turn your social media audience in to actual paying customers via this amazing plugin.

WordPress content locker plugin provides 5 social buttons for all major social networks at the same page interface: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, G+ (Instagram coming soon). You can use them together or separately for customized results. Each button has individual settings.

6- Build Emails List For Bulk Email Sending

It can save unlimited email addresses in database which can be used for bulk email marketing promotions. Admin can schedule and send bulk emails from admin dashboard to anywhere in the world. Deliver e-mails to every customer and user on a Multisite system and allow customers to opt in and out.

7- Builds Phone Number List For SMS Marketing

Mobile SMS Marketing is always effective and derives outstanding results. Reports say 54% of individuals look up to their cell phone with promotional messages and respond to only 3%. Still mobile sms marketing is effective and also less expensive as compared with other mediums of advertising. This plugin allows you to keep a record of phone numbers and same like mobile phone you can send unlimited promotional messages.

8- Sign-In Buttons: Convert Visitors To Leads, Get More Clients

Word-press content locker collects e-mail of visitors, improve your subscription details, instantly allow users to register on your website and do even more with the new highly effective Sign-In Control buttons. These buttons are available with traditional like and sharing option.

9- Collect Emails And Names Of Visitors Who Unlocked

The word-press content locker unlocks content on your website (including the link to their social profiles). It can export collected emails in the CSV format as well. Which can be used in bulk email marketing campaigns for this purpose it uses 5 platforms (Mail Chimp, Spark Post, My Mail, A Weber, Mad Mini). Word-press content locker allows several actions with just one click and automatically engage users to submit details.

10- Blur, Make Transparent or Totally Hide Your Content From Audience

Make your content exciting via overlay effects. The plug-in allows you to choose how the locked & hidden content has to be displayed: absolutely invisible or partially (transparent or blurred) When we analyze this section at some of our customer’s websites, we were amazed to see outstanding results and how this feature draws attention of large number of visitors. If audience see and understand what they will get after opening, the plug-in works more efficiently.

11- Track Your Results With Advanced Analytics

WordPress Content Locker plugin comes with built-in, advance analytics tool in order to track how users interact with locked options. Easily identify which locking tool on which pages are performing better and how to quickly optimize your lockers can definitely improve your results.

12- Users Attention-Grabbing Styles & Effects

The plug-in comes with a set of amazing refined designs which create interest and entice interest. WordPress Content Locker Is Designed in such way that it grabs the attention of users by first look. What’s more, we regularly get reviews from our existing customers and clients that WordPress Content Locker placed on a business website actually reduces the bounce rate of users as well. What this means: With wordpress content locker, people stay on your page longer. It draws interest of visitors and they spend more time at your website and try to figure out how to unlock that page.

13- Outstanding Customizability

Of course, each website or blog has its own unique audience. We know that promoting business is a tough job to do. WordPress Content Locker allows you provide 8 additional options to set up the lockers flexibly to fulfill your needs.

Even More Powerful Features

14- 100% SEO friendly.

Your locked content is still visible for search bots for better SEO by default. Of course you can turn off this feature.

15- 4 Types of Locks.<//h3>

Lock any content manually via short-codes or setup batch lock via one of 3 powerful modes (“sms & unlock option”, “social media unlock”, “email unlock”).

16- Mobile Optimized

We have adapted this multi functional plugin for mobile devices as well. Mobile users can obtain access to your locked content after unlocking.

17- Smart Targeting Option

Set your lockers to display high traffic landing pages on a particular page. Show the locker only for non-registered guests or visitors.

18- Professional Form Option

Need to get started? Simply select from 5 different styles and personalize, it’s simple and easy !

19- Delayed Content.

Load your locked content (dynamically) only when user has liked, shared, submitted mobile code or email code. Ideal for promotional campaigns.

20- Fast Load Time

WordPress plugin is well documented, amazingly enhanced and doesn’t add additional load time on your website. Verified and tested by our quality support team department. (Need Any Help Please Feel Free To Contact Us At: http://www.ranksol.com/help

21- Developers Friendly

Like other word-press plugins wordpress content locker is very easy to install and navigate. Even a lay man can do it. Only use the plugin events (Unlock, Lock, Ready) hooks for customization and you can make your own extensions (currently this feature is under review) Will be live soon.

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  V 1.1 - Stable With Mobile SMS, Email, Social Media (facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest)  

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