WordPress Views Counter (WordPress)

WordPress Views Counter Plugin allows you to display how many times a Posts, Pages and WooCommerece products had been viewed on site.

Plugin Provides simple, fast and user friendly reports with graph and stats.

WordPress Views Counter Plugin helps you to get which Post, Page and product are more popular in your site. It’s display all counter stats with views by user or visitor.

Display graph with counter stats so get easy view. User friendly and attractive graph with top ten viewers list.


  • Count Posts, Pages and Products had been views by User and visitor.
  • Display each Views counter stats on Front End side.
  • Get Information about who had view it(User, IP Address) and when view it(Date of views).
  • Also you can get Referrer URL of Post, Page and Products views.
  • The user friendly graph with top ten Posts, Pages and Products views on site.
  • Settings to enable or disable post, page and products views will be counted and displayed.
  • Choice to select all and each post, page and products views will be counted and displayed.
  • Views Counts are based on users and IP Address.
  • Get Referrer URL so you get information from which page users were came.
  • Counter Stats display on Dashboard widget.
  • Date wise filter so you can get data by each date.
  • Sorting and searching is based on Ajax so no need to page reload.
  • Export Functionality
  • Export Views Counter Reports on most usable documents like
    1> Excel
    2> CSV
    3> PDF
  • You can also print out reports directly.

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