YouTube Traffic Pop for WordPress (Social Networking)

YouTube Traffic Pop for WordPress is the latest TrafficPop™ allowing you to gain thousands of new YouTube subscribers quickly and easily. The only plugin of it’s kind, YouTube Traffic Pop blends YouTube style clean looks and TrafficPop’s viral growth features to put your YouTube account on steroids! Tap into YouTube’s 1 BILLION+ monthly users and start gaining tons of new subscribers while boosting your traffic. More subscribers = more traffic = more $ $ $ $

YouTube Traffic Pop for WordPress


  • Super easy 3 click install takes seconds!
  • Completly locks the page and follows the user as they scroll until subscribe is completed or popup is closed!
  • Countdown timer, optional close button, close button can optionaly set popup cookie so user no longer sees popup.
  • Optional Advanced Close options – close popup with esc key or by clicking outside it.
  • YouTube Styled popup to induce more subscribing!
  • Stats tracking! – All new tracking features give you a super detailed look at how many subscribers you are getting, and what pages are giving you the most subscriptions!
  • Easy YouTube setup, just enter a channel ID and select your button style!
  • Custom open on-click support – you can also set the popup to not show on page load!
  • Includes frequency timer to control how often user will see popup before they subscribe!
  • Granular page control allows you to select what pages the popup appears on, including homepage.
  • Set background opacity from settings.
  • Full mobile and Retina / High Resolution display support – looks good on any screen!
  • jQuery noConflict – WordPress Approved.
  • Slick ajax settings panel!
  • Includes full install directions and usage documentation.
  • Full i18n support, plugin comes with default language pack ready to translate.
  • Free updates and support!
  • Dont be fooled by knock off’s and imposters! TrafficPop™ plugins are the original, and still the best!

Mobile & Retina Display Support

  • Looks great on Retina devices, also includes markup for high res, high DPI displays in other non-Apple devices!
  • The plugin will re-size it self on mobile screens!
  • Google Chrome – All Recent Releases
  • Firefox – All Recent Releases
  • Safari – All Recent Releases
  • Opera – All Recent Releases
  • Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, 10+
  • iOS4.0+ Devices, Most Android Devices and Tablets

Change Log

 * Version 1.0 - ( 9/4/2014 ) - First Version Released. 

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