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WorthSeal is a complete and powerful seo tool which will help you analyse your web page.

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This free tool let you assess your website with following information:

Rank Stats.

Complete Rank stat including Google Pagerank,

Alexa Rank, Google Backlinks, Bing Backlinks, 

DMOZ Listing status, Yahoo Directory Listing Status.

Content analysis

Content analysis View a content analysis. Check your text/html ratio, headings and etc.

SEO Content

In this section it will show you your SEO Content analysis report including Title length, description, keywords, headings, images, text/html ratio, any flash used or iframe on page.

SEO Links

This section will show you whether your links are seo friendly or not, it will cover the URL Rewrite status, underscores in the URLs, in-page links.

SEO Keywords

A complete SEO Keyword cloud on your website, Keywords Consistency such as in Content, Title Keywords, Description & Headings.
Meta Tags

Meta Tags Get full list of meta-tags from web page. View site’s title, keywords, og properties and more.

Link Extractor

Link Extractor Extract links from your website with anchors, url and find out internal and external links percentage.

Speed Test

Speed Test Speed-up your website load time by finding most slowest page’s parts.

Social Impact

Socialization has great impact now on your site, so this amazing tool will also analyze your social impact by showing your number of shares or like for each social network which includes following:

  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Shares
  • Delicious
  • Google +
  • Buzz
  • Twitter
  • Diggs
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Get Advice

Get Advice The system automatically shows you vulnerabilities and gives best advice.

Worthseal – Website Review

Website Review Get a full website review using free trial and buy a subscription to get PDF Reports weekly.

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