Fresh LESS / SCSS Compiler (Utilities)


Automatically compile and cache your .LESS and .SCSS files on both frontend and backend

Main Features

  • Automatically watches and compiles .LESS and .SCSS files (.SASS syntax is not supported) that you have added directly via <a href="">wp_enqueue_style</a>
  • Works in themes, plugins, on both frontend and wp-admin
  • Integrated cache, compiles only after a change is detected
  • Create new LESS/SCSS variables on the fly with WordPress hooks – great for generating CSS from backend options
  • Does not have any GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Including .LESS and .SCSS files

In order to automatically watch and compile your .LESS and .SCSS files, you need to add them directly via wp_enqueue_style

Example LESS:

 wp_enqueue_style('design', get_template_directory_uri().'/assets/css/design.less'); 

Example SCSS:

 wp_enqueue_style('design', get_template_directory_uri().'/assets/css/design.scss'); 

Create LESS/SCSS variables with WordPress hooks

 add_action('ff_css_variables', 'my_css_variables');  function my_css_variables( $  variables) {     $  variables->addVariable('design', 'backgroundcolor', '#000000'); //'wp_enqueue_style handle', 'variable name', 'variable value' } 

Attributions & Credits

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