Gravity Forms Post Listing Field (Forms)

This plugin will add a new Gravity Forms field to your form designer which gives your customers the ability to select from a list of posts directly from your WordPress posts. The field allows you to select a custom post type to build your list from and also the ability to group your data by a custom taxonomy.

It’s simple. Install the plugin and activate it and then a new field called ‘Post Listing’ will appear in your Gravity Forms form editor under Advanced Fields. After adding this field to your form, you can select a post type which will populate the list with posts of these posts type. You can even group your posts by a custom taxonomy that you select. That’s it! The field will render a drop down on your form that users can use to select any post based on the post type you have selected.

The field type supports all the standard features of Gravity Forms. You can use the enhanced UI using the chosen plugin, setup conditional arguments using this field, set the field size and a range of standard functionality provided by Gravity Forms.

The plugin has been set up for translation and includes English translations (more to come), and contains multiple developer hooks which allow for customisation and extending beyond what the plugin is already capable of.

You must have Gravity Forms 1.7.x or higher installed and activated on your WordPress site.

You are welcome to post comments below or email if you require support or have any questions/comments.

Now with Multi Select support!

Possible Uses

The power of this field is in its ability to build a list of dynamic data from a custom post type in your WordPress site which allows users to then select it from Gravity Forms. There are literally 100’s of possible uses for this field. Remember you are only limited by your imagination!

Here a just a few possible examples:

  • Multiple retail store locations as a custom post type – Advanced contact enquiry form (I am enquiring about store ‘x’)
  • Job listings as a custom post type – Job application form (I am applying for position ‘x’)
  • Donate to cause as a custom post type – Donation form (I want to donate to cause ‘x’)
  • Interest groups as a custom post type – Enquiry form (I want to know more about group ‘x’)
  • Contests as a custom post type – Voting form (I am voting for submission ‘x’ to win)
  • Competitions as a custom post type – Enter form (I am entering competition ‘x’)
  • Products as a custom post type (WooCommerce) – Enquiry form (I want to know more about product ‘x’)

Plus many more!

Change Log

Version 1.51
  • FIXED: Bug when form is submitted with validation errors.
Version 1.50
  • ADDED: Multiselect support.
  • ADDED: Field height for multiselect.
  • ADDED: Additional conditionals: contains, does not contain for field.
  • ADDED: Script comments.
  • UPDATED: Language translations.
  • FIXED: Potential problems with javascript code in admin.
  • FIXED: Small code tidyups
Version 1.11
  • UPDATED: Adding additional localisation calls.
Version 1.0
  • Initial Release.

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