iThemes Exchange – Product Designer (Exchange)

iThemes Exchange – Product Designer is an Add-on for Exchange allows you to offer product design option. Allow your customer can design the product as they want and buy it as a normal product

Key Features

  • Toggle design for any type of product
  • Unlimited views for each product
  • Unlimited layers for each view
  • Support layers: Text, Curved Text, QR Code, Image, SVG
  • Calculate product price for each type of layer
  • Reorder the z-index of layers by drag and drop
  • Toggle layer on/off
  • Rotating and scaling the layer
  • Can limit the number of layers for each type of layer
  • Enable upload image for logged in user
  • Option to limit the size, dimension and file extension for user upload
  • Layer image with the filters: Grayscale, Sharpen, Blur and fill the color
  • Auto detect the layers of SVG and allow fill color for each layer
  • Option to limit the number of characters per each layer text
  • Align text from Left, Right and Center
  • Font weight
  • Font style italic and oblique
  • Text decoration, underline, overline and line-throught
  • Change the size of font
  • Change text color and background color
  • Support system fonts and Google fonts
  • Enable user can save their design
  • Load a saved design of the product
  • View details of design in order details
  • …and more

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