Live Ajax Site Search – Sumo Search WP Plugin (Miscellaneous)

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Add an intuitive and quick live ajax search overlay to your whole site.

When performing a search on your website, what normally happens is after you enter your search terms and hit enter, your page reloads in order to display your search results. This is not a very user friendly experience.

The aim of Sumo Search is to make searching a fast and seamless experience for your users.

Sumo Search integrates into your website by optionally adding a search button on all your pages. People can also search right away by typing anywhere in your site. If you have existing search input fields in your site, Sumo Search integrates into those as well in order to display search results without the need for loading another page.

We use Ajax to display search results as you are typing so you can find what you need right away. No need to hit the enter key or click on the search button. The search results are also cached by Sumo Search so that repeated search terms will be faster.

Sumo Search also respects your browser’s history. This means that when you do a search then visit a link from your search, when you click on your browser’s back button, you will go back to the page you were from and your previous search results will still be there. So if your visitor didn’t find what they’re looking for in their first search result, they can easily go back and view the other search results and check another page.

If you want more relevant search results, Sumo Search integrates well with Relevanssi – a free WordPress plugin from the plugin repository.

Full Feature Set

  • Full screen search overlay
  • Live ajax search results as you type
  • Caches your search results using transients
  • Settings are in the Customizer for live previewing
  • Uses the new History API, so that when you hit on the back button, your previous search results will be displayed for a seamless searching experience
  • Integrates into your site by:
    • Placing a search button in all your pages, and/or
    • Show Sumo Search by typing anywhere, and/or
    • Intercepting inputs from existing search fields
  • Displays your title, post type, excerpt and featured images. You can opt to turn any of these off/on
  • Customizable fonts, colors and design
    • Choose from 600+ Google Fonts or use your theme’s fonts
    • 5 Search & 5 close icons to choose from
    • Color pickers with transparency pickers
    • Results box paddings, border radius, background colors, etc
    • Pick whether to show your featured images, post titles, post types and post excerpts
  • Choose from a variety of search and close icons
  • Responsive
  • Integrates well with Relevanssi
  • WordPress standards

To ThemeForest WP Theme Developers

You can just include this item as a plugin which your customer can install and active along with your theme.

If you want to include this item in your ThemeForest WordPress theme, please purchase an extended license and let us know in your support page.

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Version 1.0

* Initial release

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