Mega Search : Advanced Live Ajax Search Plugin (WordPress)

Mega Search is a Live Ajax Search Plugin for wordpress. It has a unique concept with more than 200 options to match the serch box and result box with your idea. It is a MUST HAVE plugin for every wordpress site.
you can use it in pages, posts, widget or anywhere you want, also you can use it as default search of your theme.

Key Features

  • Clean Design
  • Support all posts/Custom posts/Woocommerce
  • Set / Replace with WordPress Default Search
  • Display 4 Types of layout
    • General Layout
    • Fullscreen Layout
    • Popup Layout
    • Sticky Layout
  • Section : You can split Result Box to 4 sections and set Static Content or Dynamic Content For it
  • More than 15+ section pattern for result box
  • Set Manual Data for Each Section
  • Fetch Post/Custom Post for Each Section
  • All Shortcodes are Supported in Manual Data : You can add a shortcode for section content as manual data. such as : Contact Form 7, Visual Composer Shortcodes and etc.
  • Apply Search in multipe post/Custom post in a time
  • Display Items in 4 types for each section :
    • Grid View (Boxed/Outer Description)
    • List View
    • Grid View in Carousel Mode
    • List View in Carousel Mode
  • Items Settings :
    • 1- Items Fields Option : You can Show/Hide fields of items. Show/hide title, Thumbnail, meta tag.
    • 1- Custom fields of Product : Sale Banner, Featured Banner, Price and ‘Add to Cart’ Button
    • 2- Custom fields of Post/Other Custom Posts: Author, Date and Comment.
  • Item Layout : Set custom color and font for Items, Thumbnail, Title, Meta tags, Excerpt and Background overlay.
  • Add ‘Show More Button’ for each section
  • Set ‘Show More’ Page for each section separatly
  • Set Title for each Section with typography options
  • Set Background for each Section (Color/Image)
  • Use as Default Value : There are 2 types of actions when you focus on search textbox.
    • 1- The result box appear when textbox focused (Please check this field to activate this type)
    • 2- The result box appear when textbox focused and type some text (You can set number of characters in Search Setting)
  • Minimum Settings : Set Minimum Character To Start Search (Default = 3)
  • Search Target Field : you can specify search in Title, Content, Excerpt and Custom fields. (Default = title)
    Note If you want to search in custom fields you should add them in related field.
  • Manual Result : Set your manual content. This will be displayed when there is no result for search.
  • Statistics Sometime you need to get feedback from your search. Exp : Which one of text searched more !
    Mega Search save “Keywords” that has been searched and display them as Grid/pie Chart/Bar Chart/ Line Chart.
  • Autocomplete
    • Autocomplete Source : Your suggestion words can be fetch from Post/Custom post title or Statistics.
    • Post Type(s) : Add your Post/Custom post for autocomplete source.
  • Customization Search Box Layout : Such as : Direction, Fonts Options, Background Settings, Placeholder, Width, Height, Border, Border Radius, Icon and etc.
  • Customization Result Box Layout : Such as : Width, Height, Padding, Border, Box Shadow, Border Radius, Backgroudn Settings and etc.
  • Set Background for Result Box (Color/Image)
  • 600+ Google Fonts included
  • 500+ Font Awesome Icons included
  • Horizontal Section(s)
  • Vertical Section(s)
  • 1 Coulmn, 2 Columns, 3 Columns and 4 Columns for Result Box
  • HTML, CSS3, JQuery

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