Metro Slider for WordPress (WordPress)

Metro Slider – First and only slider with animated tiles and metro look

Beginning of new era in sliders

Metro Slider is the one and only slider with unique animated tile concept.Each tile can contain any number of image , enabling you to show all your items in one slide. You can add multiple slides in one slider where each slide can contain multiple tiles.Each image can be provided with url link and caption.

Metro Slider is focused on performance and optimization. It makes use of hardware accelaration for flip animations,lazy loading of images,caching of slider,minify scripts/css etc.

Product features:-

  • Metro style tiles – Metro style tile is an animated tile which can hold multiple images. Animated tiles enables you to show mutiple items at one place.
  • Categories/Numeric navigation – You can divide slides by category or numbers or both can be turned off. You can set your own category per slide.
  • Fully responsive/full width/fixed scaling – Metro Slider is fully resposnive slider which can fit to any screen size. You can also make it fixed or full width.
  • HTML caption for each image – You can provide plain text/HTML description to each image in tile.
  • Url linking for each image – URL can be given for images.When user clicks on image he/she will navigated to its corresponding URL.
  • Mobile friendly – Metro Slider is automatically adjusted on any mobile device including tablets.
  • Touch support – Metro Slider is swipe enabled where user can use fingers to swipe slides.
  • 21 predefined layouts – Metro Slider provides 21 predefined layouts which can be use to make slides. Each layout is beautiful and different.
  • Multiple animations including css3 flips for tiles – There are unique animations for tiles. You can choose anyone of them.Animations can be different on each slide.
  • Smart lazy loading – Metro Slider ensures that images are only loaded when they are required.
  • Cached slider – Metro Slider is not generated every time. A static copy is there which is used every time.
  • Adjustable speed, transition, interval for both tile and slides – Metro Slider gives you the capability to control speed, transition, interval for both tile and slides
  • Auto slide show feature with adjustable interval – You can turn on or off auto slide. Interval between slides is adjustable.
  • Optional onhover arrow navigation for accessbility – Arrow navigation button can be always turned on or onhover or always deactivated depending on your needs.
  • Unlimited colors – You can choose any color for different area like categories,slider background etc.
  • WordPress short code supported – You can use WordPress short code to insert Metro Slider into your blog or pages.
  • Global function supported – Use PHP function to insert Metro Slider directly in PHP code.
  • Easy to use admin console – Admin console has lots of options to customize Metro Slider and it is easy to use.
  • Drag and drop support for adding images – Multiple images can be dragged at once to create slide.
  • Preview slider directly in admin console – You can see preview directly in admin console in nice light box.
  • Multiple browser support – Metro Slider supports all major browsers like IE,Firefox,Chrome,Safari etc.
  • Fully documented – Metro Slider comes with full documentation . It give users easy and quick start. It also contains some tips for advanced users.
  • Free updates and support – All updates are free. For support you can contact us at .

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