OptSocial – Social Opt-In Pop-Up (eCommerce)

OptSocial is a lightweight Social Opt-In Pop-Up plugin specifically designed to convert visitors into leads, it enables your site visitors to opt-in using two-clicks Social connect process and get visitor’s REAL eMail address and name to build high-quality list that can be used further for email marketing.

Social Opt-In Plugin

Visitors don’t have to enter their information to subscribe to your list, all happens automatically after visitor gives one click permission their email will be added to your list. No more lost subscribers because of busy visitors, fake emails, typos, etc.. only real confirmed email and name that people use in their social media profiles.

OptSocial plugin can be used on any WordPress site and compatible with (but not required) WooCommerce, BuddyPress and Bbpress.

OptSocial is all-in-one solution to create social opt-in squeeze pop-up on your site or just on specified pages.

OptSocial triggered by timer and will gracefully lock the screen after specified delay on entire site or just on selected pages with Social Opt-In pop-up and visitors can close it by “Continue with Facebook” button giving you permission to add their real email address to the list.

You have full control on when, where and how pop-up will appear. You can give visitors ability to close Pop-Up without opting-in, reverse white-list order to enable/disable it on specified pages.

*At this time OptSocial works with Facebook and synchronized with MailChimp auto-responder only but soon it will be extended to support Google+ and number of other auto-responders.

OptSocial gives you ability to create protected page that would be accessible only after Opt-In and visitor will be redirected to this page after connection. OptSocial uses individual cookies so even if anyone will send a link to the protected page to somebody else it won’t work until this person actually Opt-In.

Page after visitor opted in.

Page After Social Connect

Page after Count-Down is reached.

Page After CountDown

OptSocial gives you ability to:

  • collect real emails and names from your visitors.
  • control where, when and for how long opti-in Pop-Up will appear on your site.
  • add count-down timer to the Pop-Up header and optionally redirect visitors when countdown is reached.
  • add titles, descriptions and list of features to Pop-Up.
  • add Youtube, Vimeo and DailyMotion videos to Pop-Up with optional autoplay.
  • choose between 2+ different templates.
  • many more..

See Full List of Features:

List of Features

  • Full site lock with Social connect pop-up
  • Triggered by timer
  • Whitelist, keep specified pages locked/unlocked
  • CountDown Timer
  • Redirect to any page after Social connect and CountDown Timer.
  • Protected Page after social connect for downloads.
  • Videos on pop-up
  • MailChimp synchronization
  • Any Language, all plugin text is editable
  • Responsive, optimized for mobile
  • Editable pop-up responsive grid templates
  • SEO friendly – OptSocial triggered for humans only, plugin has no impact on your current on-site SEO and does not prevent search engines from accessing the content.
  • Advanced typography – Google Fonts, captions/text shadows, colors, all adjustable

Compatibility – Reqired (Last Tested)

  • WordPress 3.5+ (4.3)
  • WooCommerce 2.1+ (2.4.6)
  • BBpress 2.0+ (2.5.8)
  • BuddyPress 2.0+ (2.3.3)

Tested with following premium themes:

  • Avada
  • Salient
  • Enfold
  • Jupiter

Requirements, Sources and Credits

OptSocial PopUp has no dependences nor any specific requirements and has been tested on following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • FireFox
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • IE 9+

OptSocial PopUp plugin core is written from scratch and does not use any “borrowed” code. OptSocial PopUp uses the following libraries and other files as listed.

  • JQuery (MIT Licanse)
  • MailChimp API Library (MIT Licanse)
  • FlipCounter (MIT Licanse)

OnLine Demo

Please go ahead and visit our fully functional Social Opt-In Plugin OnLine Demo


Version 0.1.3, released 23/NOV/2015:

 Fix: Documentation has been updated Fix: Few minor bugs 

Version 0.1.2, released 20/NOV/2015:

 Add: Template Header on/off Add: CountDown Timer Add: Protect After Social Connect page Add: Redirect on CountDown Add: Header Typography Fix: Few minor bugs 

Version 0.1.1, released 16/NOV/2015:

 Initial Release 

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