Photo Contest WordPress Plugin (Galleries)

Thanks to Photo Contest WordPress Plugin you can easily organize a photo contest on your website, or create an independent website just for the purpose of the photo contest. All you need is WordPress and our plugin. Involve your users in what’s happening on your website and attract others who shall be interested in registering with you thanks to the photo contest. Thanks to the contest they shall return more often and every time they promote a picture, they will also promote your website! If users promote their photos via links, you’ll get an excellent SEO tool, as well.


  • Easy installation
  • The option to check photos before their display in the contest.
  • The option to decide whether only users may vote or if visitors may vote as well. Both options are checked according to IP (because of possible frauds).
  • You can decide how many pictures a user can enter in the contest.
  • Decide for yourself, based upon the size of your website, how many rows and columns your gallery will contain.
  • Thanks to thousands of WordPress plugins you can easily enrich the contest with other options. For instance login via Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus
  • The option to edit picture titles and captions
  • The contest can be easily reset and relaunched
  • Useful Widgets and Shortcodes

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