Simple Mailer an Email Client for WooCommerce (WooCommerce)

Simple Mailer : an email client for WooCommerce gives you the ability to send email directly from your WooCommerce backend, using native WooCommerce email templates.

You can send email to one person or to a selection using on of the 3 recipients selector methods : Manual input, User Role, Custom user query. Optionally you can used the preconfigured MailJet support.

Simple Mailer requires WordPress 3.8+ and WooCommerce 2.0+ (WooCommerce 2.1 has been successfully tested)

If the installation went OK, you can now see a new action button in WooCommerce menu named “Simple Mailer”

Simple Mailer is both french and english translated and translation ready using po/mo. (pot included)

Sending an email with Simple Mailer is easy. Just like sending an email with a traditional email client.

How the plugin works :

When the plugin has been installed a new Post Type has been created : “mbcwcmailer_email”. The plugin will use it to store the HTML email before your send it. It will be deleted once sent. So basically, here is the process of an email creation :

You choose your recipients with the most appropriate method. You fill the email form (subject, heading, content) You send the form using the “Send To Queue” button

At this stage nothing has been sent but emails are preprocessed in the database and ready to go : heading and content submitted have been merged with your own WooCommerce Template (header and footer)

You now have 4 options available : preview your email, send it to your contact, delete it or modify it by editing the form and submit it again.

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