Sneeit Framework – Back-End for WordPress Themes (Utilities)

Sneeit Framework will help you save the time for developing your WordPress theme dashboard. You only need to define some setup arrays for your theme, and this WordPress plugin will generate the backend user interface automatically.


Define setup arrays in your theme and Sneeit Framework will generate the following features:

  • Page Builder
  • Shortcodes
  • Customizer
  • Sidebars
  • Widgets
  • Menu Locations
  • Menu Custom Fields
  • Post Meta Boxes
  • User Meta Boxes

Why Use Sneeit Framework?

Saving time in developing your WordPress themes

Do we need to spend a week to build dashboard functions for a theme? No, NEVER. You can build the whole dashboard of a theme in only 10 minutes. And everything you need to do is really and very simple: placing your arrays in your code and Sneeit Framework will generate everything.

Saving time in maintaining your WordPress themes

You have hundred themes, and then getting errors on your themes’s dashboard. What will you do? Waste a month to fix your dashboard code for 100 themes?

Don’t. Be SMARTER. Just integrate a plugin like Sneeit Framework for your themes and everything you need to do when you getting errors is NOTHING. Your users will just need to update the plugin and your business will continue going smoothly.


<strong>V1.0</strong> - Initial release 

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